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My series of Cloud Application Studio Blogs

I have created two OBN button in Service Request TI item table's toolbar via extensibility explorer.

My expectation is that once button "toStandardQC" is pressed, the standard Service Request QC view will be displayed, see example below.

And When button "Jerry Create" is clicked, a new custom QC view will be displayed instead. As you can see from screenshot above, the "Jerry Create" button is disabled in the runtime. Why?

Here below is how I analyze this issue.

1. In design time the enable attribute of this button is set as true as expected. Note down the name of automatically generated event handler for onClick event: EV_NAME_f8067313a9424b3e89b2370b3b2a1f5a

If you set breakpoint in file ButtonWrapper, function initializeControl, you can observe that the instance of this button is created in the runtime.

2. The enable property of OBN button is bound to the automatically generated data model field, whose path is /EventHandler/EV_NAME_f8067313a9424b3e89b2370b3b2a1f5a.Enabled.

For the button "JerryCreate", the value of bound model field is false, so in the runtime this OBN button is disabled.

Just check the other OBN button which works correctly, and the bound data field has value "true".

You can also inspect the data model field value by appending "debugMode=true" in C4C URL and check value from Client Inspector in the popup.

3. Now we need to figure out why data model field for "Jerry Create" button is determined as false in the runtime.

In Chrome development tool, check the HTTP response for ServiceRequest TI page. Search the response by keyword "1f5a":

In the hit you can find the root cause: the OBN target - my custom new QC view, is not put to any work center yet.

So solution is quite simple, just create a new work center, a new work center view and put this new QC view to the work center view, and assign the work center view to my test user.

After that the "Jerry Create" OBN button works as well:

Once created, the new custom QC view could be displayed correctly as well.

For the complete solution for this OBN enablement, please refer to blog Step by step to create OBN button which navigates from standard UI to custom UI.