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In the new 2102 release, SAP Business ByDesign & SAP Cloud for Customer built-in support is introducing an enhanced Support Interaction Survey process, providing a faster and more immediate way for you (key user) to send feedback to Support.


Previously, the Support Interaction Survey was sent to you (key user) via email after an incident was completed. This means that the survey process was outside of the built-in support incident lifecycle, making it less practical and more time-consuming for you to provide your feedback.

What is changing in 2102?

Thanks to the integration of Qualtrics, you (key user) will now be presented with the Support Interaction Survey directly in your tenant where you can fill out the survey immediately at incident closure. Once an incident is completed, a separate window will provide the direct link to the Support Interaction Survey without any time delay.

Important note: This window will contain a warning message asking if you (key user) want to access the external survey link. This is part of the new standard process, and once you (key user) confirm this message by clicking on Ok, the survey will open.

The survey consists of 5 questions, and you (key user) will be able to rate:

  • Your overall experience with the support engineer processing your incident

  • How easy SAP made it for you to get support

  • How your issue was solved (if solved)

  • Your satisfaction of the product itself.

What are the reasons for changing the current survey process?

We believe that you will benefit from this easier and faster survey process, as it allows you to send your feedback to Support immediately after incident closure and without having to leave the tenant. We recommend to always set your incident to complete as soon as you are happy with the answer. You will then be able to rate our support services based on the immediate experience.

Note: Until all tenants have been upgraded to 2102, you will receive two surveys, one from the tenant UI and one via email. Please ignore the email survey. Email surveys will be fully deactivated by February 28.


Thanks to the new Support Interaction Survey process it is going to be easier, faster and more practical for you to provide feedback to Support. Your feedback is essential in insuring we always provide the best support possible, so please take the time to fill our survey and rate your experience.

Thank you!