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Hi Everyone,


If you are wondering what exactly is a CCC account with SAP, this blog post will explain everything you need to know about the Corporate Group Function topic and provide information on the benefits of being part of a CCC account as well as the steps on how to get one.


Firstly, what is an S-user ID and uses?

S-users IDs are assigned to one customer number to enable them to access the installations of the released customer numbers as well as the SAP installation numbers. As a result, by using an S-user, you can execute functions for all installations that are part of your customer number (for example, report incidents, request Support Packages, SSCR keys, and so on).


Here comes this concept of Corporate (CCC) group:

This Function allows more than one account (customer number) to be mapped in a Corporate Group hierarchy, so that S-users with CCC Level authorizations, can manage many activities.


Activities that can / cannot be performed with proper CCC level authorizations:

With CCC level authorization can manage features for more than one customer number such as managing installations, systems, license keys, incidents, and S-users.

However, the Corporate Group function does not apply to the SAP Software Download Center. Software is licensed to one customer number. A S-user ID can only download software licensed to their own customer number even if that account is in a CCC Group.


The Corporate group (CCC) function is applicable for:

This is only for companies and their related customer numbers where companies could either be Partners or Customers of SAP. Partners, however, must not define customers as members of their CCC.


Important Note while requesting for corporate group (CCC):

The Value Contract (VC) number must be the same for all customer numbers that are to be added to the CCC group. If this is not the case, you must contact your SAP Account Manager.


To request a new CCC group or to add other accounts to the group, remove accounts from the group, or close the group, a support incident must be created for component XX-SER-SAPSMP-COE via ONE Support Launchpad by a Super Administrator of the account that you wish to have on top of the group hierarchy (the main account and sub accounts details).


The corporate group functions are provided free of charge to CCOEs.

How to request a new CCC group - See KBA 2459283 for full details

How to make changes to the CCC group - See KBA 2632735 for full details


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How to Contact CIC


If you have any doubt about how to find who your Super Administrator is or Account manager details, please contact the Customer Interaction Centre and we will be happy to help!


If you have any questions, please ask questions in the Q & A using All Questions in Customer Experience | SAP Community and All Questions in Support Services | SAP Community
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