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Product and Topic Expert
Did you know that in SAP Sales and Service Cloud you can enter a full address in the matter of a few keystrokes? You can search for an address, select the intended address from the suggestion list, and the address is automatically populated in the individual fields on the form.

Let me introduce the Type Ahead Search functionality that is available in the Create screen such as for a customer and account. It leads you to fast data entry and ensures the accuracy of the data entered at the same time.

OpenSAP Micro-learning video Configuring Address Validation Add-on for SAP Sales and Service Cloud is now available!

Address Type Ahead Search

Instead of typing an address in the individual fields such as city, postal code, and street, you can search for an address in the Search Address field. Simply start typing a street address, and it will prompt you with a list of suggested addresses.

Type Ahead Search suggestions in Create screen

When you select an address, the address is validated with the local reference data in the country. The valid and clean address data is then populated in the individual address fields on the form.

When there is additional address data, such as when a unit number is needed, another suggestion list is prompted. For example, the above address is a high rise building with many suites within. After making the first selection, another suggestion list appears prompting you to select or enter the suite number.

Secondary address suggestion list and unit number entry

Once you complete the selection and entry, the form is populated with the address data and also enriched with the latitude and longitude data.

Automatically populated address fields

Address Validation

When you want to validate the address that is already populated in the individual fields, Validate Address can be selected to check your address entry.

Address Validation

The address validation returns the side-by-side view with the original and suggested addresses.

Validate Address reviewer

If the address is invalid, it will display the message indicating the problem. You can then either accept the address or go back to correct your address entry.

Invalid address message in Validate Address reviewer

SAP Data Quality Management, microservices for location data

Now let’s look behind the scenes.

The address validation and type ahead search capabilities are provided by SAP Data Quality Management, microservices for location data. It is also known as Data Quality Services. It offers the address cleansing and geocoding REST API service, which you can enable by using your CPEA credits or with Pay As You Go account. If you are not sure, you can try it for free up to 1000 transactions in 30 days.

As a quick introduction, the microservices for location data can:

  • Suggest addresses if the input is ambiguous

  • Correct misspelled data and standardize the casing and abbreviation

  • Return discrete address components such as a house number and street separately

  • Return full postal code

  • Return latitude and longitude

And much more.

Please check out my previous blog post for additional information and how to get started with it.

Data Quality Services on SAP BTP Cockpit

Enable Address Validation and Type Ahead Search in SAP Sales and Service Cloud

So how can you enable the microservice for location data in SAP Sales and Service Cloud?

You will first need to create the Data Quality Services instance and service key in your subaccount in SAP BTP Cockpit. Then enable the address validation service and type ahead search functionality and configure the endpoints in the SAP Sales and Service Cloud. Follow the product documentation to enable the service.

Address validation service and type ahead search options in Project Scope

In the Mashup Web Services, copy the service templates (SW00094 and SW00095) to create a new REST Service and configure them. OAuth with client credentials or certificates is supported for Authorization Method. You can retrieve the connection information from the service key of your Data Quality Services instance in SAP BTP Cockpit.

Service templates for Data Quality Services in Mashup Web Services


I have given you an introduction to address validation and type ahead search functionality in SAP Sales and Service Cloud. These powerful capabilities are enabled by SAP Data Quality Management, microservices for location data on SAP Business Technology Platform.

You can see the process of integrating SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Service Cloud with SAP S4/HANA in action by exploring SAP’s free learning content on SAP Service Cloud. It is designed to help you and your business to provide fast, reliable, and personalized service across all channels. Check out even more role-based learning resources and opportunities to get certified in one place on SAP Learning site.

More information about SAP Data Quality Management, microservices for location data can be found on SAP Store, SAP Discovery Center, and the product documentation such as country coverage and OAuth configuration. If you have any questions, we encourage you to post your questions in SAP Community.