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Clinical trials are essential, but unfortunately only 14% of all drugs in clinical trials are successful. SAP is working closely with its partners and customers to utilize technology to help the many stopgaps that could terminate a clinical trial.  One partner specifically, SyMetric focuses on a clinical trial execution phase is when many stakeholders in the process are needed to collaborate and make real-time decisions.  The stakeholders are investigators, the clinical research organizations, the warehouses, the labeling agents, and the statisticians, where a break in this chain can lead to a failed clinical trial. Of the 14% of trials that fail, 10% are due to data quality issues.

Based in India, SyMetric is a software products company focused in developing world-class products that are modularized, flexible, affordable at the same time. The products are designed, developed, and deployed and run by our expert teams based out of Bangalore in India. One of the founders of SyMetric Uma Janapareddy, was named the woman leader revolutionizing the clinical research IT solutions for the pharmaceutical sector by CEO Insights.

I had the pleasure of speaking to Uma about how SyMetric; with the help from SAP and other technology partners are working together to revolutionize the clinical trial process to improve patient care.

Watch my interview with Uma.