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This blog gives you an overview and explains the frequently asked questions on the replication of activities between an SAP on-premise system and SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer. The external system may be SAP ERP or SAP CRM. Activities in Cloud for Customer include phone call, task, appointment, and e-mail. When an activity is created, there is bi-directional integration between cloud and on-premise. Campaign references are also enabled in activity replication. The CRM web UI saves an e-mail text as an SAP Office Document. Both the e-mail subject and e-mail body text is replicated into the e-mail activity. This enables the colleagues from different teams to gain visibility into all activities for a particular account and/or opportunity.

Business Value

Collaborative activity management assures that sales and service teams across Cloud and on-premise teams will have visibility to all activities for a particular account and/or opportunity.

Process Flow

Activity replication is bi-directional. Replication request will be sent from a source system to middleware, where the request is processed and transformed into corresponding target system format. On successful replication, confirmation request will be sent from target system to source system.

Best Practices

To avoid any errors, follow these best practices:

  1. Ensure correct configuration of communication arrangement before creating any activity.
  2. Maintain code list mapping for “Processing type code “, “group code”, and ”Role Code”.
  3. Complete all fine-tuning activities relevant for “Activity” replication.
  4. Keep integration content up-to-date with each release, as there might be some crucial fixes on mappings.
  5. Maintain value mappings relevant for activity replication.

Problem Areas

Typical areas where issues might arise are due to:

  1. Code list mapping not maintained correctly
  2. Value mappings not done
  3. Communication arrangement and scoping was not done
  4. PI/HCI content not up-to-date with the release
  5. Using old type code for activity replication in PI. Previously each activity used to have separate replication requests and interfaces, but now all activities make use of generic interfaces created for all activity types that is supported in Cloud for Customer and the type code is 1783.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do when there is an activity confirmation message failure?

Correct the code list mapping for Processing Type Code.

How do I solve errors related to missing code list mapping?

Please check the blog here.

What should I do if specific fields getting cleared during replication?

Check the payload and see if the field is received as blank. If so, check if a wrong middleware mapping is causing this. We have now enabled extended xml handling, and if the segment is missing from the payload the value will not be cleared. The clearing happens only if the segment comes with a blank value, and this mostly needs a middle ware correction.

Activity text is not getting replicated or Code list mapping for the TextCollectionTextTypeCode values are ignored during activity replication?

For business activity, the code lists Activity / Text / TypeCode are not handled by code list mapping, and is instead handled in PI. You must maintain correct value mapping in PI.

In addition if it is a language independent text, maintain the fine tuning activity "Communication Language for Data Replication".

While replicating business activity from Cloud for Customer to CRM system, few parties are not replicating even though parties are present in payload?

Please check that all parties have correct role code present in payload.

Why are the appointment fields getting cleared after receiving a confirmation from CRM?

The reason is either wrong mapping or wrong configuration is maintained in routing conditions of PI. Both Activity and Activity Confirmation messages have same IDOC type, and hence when the confirmation message comes into PI, the PI system routes it to all three mappings of: 1. Activity Replication and 2. Activity Confirmation replication and 3.Customer Quote Sales Order Notification.

I am not able to see a particular activity under the work center or activity type?

Ensure that code list mapping is maintained correctly for group code.

I receive a dump while saving an activity?

If there is an issue in the outbound communication arrangement for activity, it causes a dump while an activity is saved.


Error: Reading of key mapping for external ID type <type> and external ID <id> failed

There are duplicate ID mapping maintained for the external ID by mistake. One of this has to be cleaned.

Error: "No query result; BO BUSINESS_ACTIVITY, node ROOT

Here are one of the reasons that could cause this error:

  • A wrong PI mapping is maintained, hence sending the wrong external activity ID in the payload causing Cloud for Customer to query for the wrong activity.
  • The mentioned activity was deleted manually by a user which causes the query to fail.
  • The BTD reference was wrongly created which is less likely to occur.

Error: "Duplicate detected for External ID"

Change the PI mapping for field TypeCode, and use generic type 1783 instead of individual type code of each activity i.e. Task, Appointment etc.

Error: ID mapping for external value ******** of Business Partner ID missing

There could be one of the following reasons:

  • The party mentioned in the payload is not available in Cloud for Customer or
  • If the customer was manually created, the party ID mapping is not maintained in Cloud for Customer.

Error : Error in message header mapping; agent class is CL_APCRM_ACT_REPL_CONF_IPA

Do the following:

  • Check for the sender and receiver system in the payload, and see if this corresponds to the entry maintained in communication arrangement for activity replication.
  • If the sender system is wrong, ask customer to first check the logical system entry created in on-premise system is correct, and then use the same name as maintained in Cloud for Customer communication arrangement.

Error: ‘Update not possible; existing data for ACTIVITY not fully specified’

Wrong ActionCode is sent from PI. The action code should be either 04 for save / update and 05 for delete.

Error: Party role <name> (<category>) is not supported for party role category <name> (<category>)”

Mapping for Party Role to the corresponding Category is missing. Correct the mapping in the fine tuning activity ‘Party Role Definition’.

Error: "E/EA/723/MessageHeader (The start tag <IDOC begin=&quot; 1&quot ;> or the end tag < /IDOC> is missing.)"

This message indicates that you are using point-to-point (P2P) integration scenario. P2P integration is now deprecated, and SAP encourages using middleware based integration.

Error: Error calling * - Modify: BO BUSINESS_ACTIVITY

Check if any custom development is implemented in Cloud Studio. If so, first check the Cloud Studio solution for issues.