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Actually, we have a pretty good manual in about these steps.

The link is:

But I've met several incidents reported the manual is not working.

If you are one of them, please follow the steps below again.

Especially, step 5) and step 6) which is not included in the manual.

1) Perform an initial load of the necessary Customizing settings from  

    SAP ECC to SAP CRM (Initial load of DNL_CUST_THIT)

2) Map the ERP customer hierarchy categories to the CRM account hierarchies.  

    SPRO → Customer Relationship Management → Master Data → Business Partner

    → Account Hierarchy → Data Exchange of ERP Customer Hierarchies with SAP CRM

    → Assign ERP Customer Hierarchy Type to CRM Hierarchy Category.

3) Synchronize filter for DNL_BUPA_KNVH in R3AC1.  

    Download the ERP table KNVH (customer hierarchies) to SAP CRM (Initial load of DNL_BUPA_KNVH)

4) Start the creation of account hierarchies in SAP CRM using transaction BPH_DNL

5) Initial load object BUPA_KNVH to enable delta load.  ★Step 5 and 6 are important

6) Please go to T-code SM30 in the CRM system,

    edit view V_TBH03 and activate the flag "Delta Download Active" if it is still not active.

★ Special Thanks to Ellen Feng who wrote a WIKI about this topic in the same day with me ! (What a coincidence).

★ She provided some important information to me to correct my blog.

★ Please also see her wonderful WIKI page:

Hope it helps.

Dean Yan