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It was one year ago when our SAP for Telecommunications solution SAP Commerce Cloud telco and utilities accelerator reached the Silver Tier status.  Today, we are Gold Tier certified.

We have continued our commitment to the TM Forum’s Open Digital Architecture (ODA) Manifesto. SAP has worked over the past year to obtain certification for 10 APIs that enable communication service providers (CSPs) to standardize and lower the cost of integrating SAP into their IT and business support system (BSS) ecosystem.

SAP is recognized as a leader within the telecommunications industry.  Companies who achieve TM Forum conformance certification for their solutions can formally demonstrate evidence that the implementation of the TM Forum APIs are consistent with the TM Forum’s globally recognized standards and industry best practices.

It is a milestone, a true testament of all our hard work and efforts to drive digital business transformation, innovation and agility for SAP customers.  This achievement proves that SAPs omnichannel commerce solution for CSPs successfully implemented the following TM Forum Open APIs:

  • TMF637 Product Inventory Management

  • TMF651 Agreement Management

  • TMF620 Product Catalog Management

  • TMF622 Product Ordering Management

  • TMF663 Shopping Cart

  • TMF669 Party Role Management

  • TMF632 Party Management

  • TMF677 Usage Consumption Management

  • TMF679 Product Offering Qualification

  • TMF673 Geographic Address Management

Service Providers need solutions to automate an increasingly complex and dynamic portfolio of products and services; and reduce time to market.  The awarded conformance certification demonstrates that the SAP Commerce Cloud telco and utilities accelerator eases the orchestration of personalized experiences for Telecom administrators and their customers.

Being TM Forum compliant ensures that SAP will fully support CSPs’ business integration with their existing systems (i.e., billing, OSS, BSS) and improve operational productivity, reduce costs, reduce risks, and increase ARPU.  Adopting a common language with customers and partners will result in market differentiation that will continue to unleash new business opportunities.

So, what’s up next?  Platinum.


About TM Forum

TM Forum is a known and trusted non-profit third party that provides independent and unbiased verification and certification to telecommunications systems suppliers and providers.  TM Forum is a global association of over 850-member customers that collectively serve 5 billion customers across 180 countries. Members include communications and digital service providers, telephone companies, cable operators, network operators, cloud providers, digital infrastructure providers, software suppliers, equipment suppliers, systems integrators and management consultancies.  The TM Forum Conformance serves to certify services and processes that align with the defined industry standards.


About SAP Commerce Cloud telco and utilities accelerator

The SAP Commerce Cloud telco and utilities accelerator is an SAP Commerce Cloud add-on that focuses on providing top industry-specific omnichannel experiences for Service Providers and their end-consumers.   From online, to in-store, to mobile and beyond – thus enabling the delivery of exceptional subscriber onboarding and life cycle experiences.

CSPs that want to exceed their customers’ expectations will find in SAP Commerce Cloud telco and utilities accelerator a solution that will address all relevant criteria to elevate their customer’s purchasing journey and the on-demand management of their accounts.