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There are several work center views in the Service work center that share the same access context. This means that whichever access restriction is the most lenient will be applied to all the views sharing the same context. In order to ensure consistent access for your business users you have to apply the same access restrictions for these views in your business roles.

Here is the list of work center views sharing the same access context:

Work Center View IDWork Center View NameComment
SEOD_TICKETMD_SADL_WCVIEWTicketscurrent ticket view desktop and mobile enabled
SEOD_DESKTOP_NAVIGATIONTechnical: Desktop Navigationtechnical view - not visible to the end user
SEOD_TABLET_NAVIGATIONTechnical: Tablet Navigationtechnical view - not visible to the end user
SEOD_TICKET_SADL_WCVIEWTicketsold ticket view which can be unassigned

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