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According to research by Gartner, by 2025 more than 80% of all interactions between customers and B2B sales teams would happen through digital channels. For those ever-evolving sales pipelines, there could be hundreds of digital interactions in the forms of texts, emails, chats, phone calls, and so on between buyers and sellers.

It could be a ginormous task for sales executives to keep track of all the key take-aways from those interactions and may some times risk missing out on certain relevant contexts or action items discussed in the midst of those sales cycles.

Originally, the easiest way I can imagine a sales representative managing this is by taking detailed notes during each interaction, so as to not miss out on anything relevant. But I'm sure there ought to be a better way to handle this challenge? What if I told you there is, with the power of SAP Business AI embedded into SAP Sales Cloud v2 

In this blog post, I'd take you through an instance of how you can leverage the power of Business AI and cutting edge Machine Learning technology to optimize the productivity of your sales teams.

Looking at SAP Sales Cloud v2, you can now easily create and join Microsoft Teams calls directly from the system. Now, with the latest capabilities of (beta) Business Interaction Intelligence, sales teams can enable from a list of all the interaction insights that they wish to view for their interactions.

To enable the same, users can go to Settings -> All Settings -> Search for "Machine Learning" -> Navigate to (Beta) Business Interaction Intelligence. To know more about how to enable Intelligent Sales in SAP Sales Cloud v2, refer here

The interaction insight settings can be enabled for different intelligent capabilities, such as Summarization, NLP Classification, Business Text Intelligence, and Business Entity Recognition, to name a few.

Users can enable different scenarios for different business entities, such as Opportunity, Lead

Once these settings are enabled, for a new Microsoft Teams appointment that is related to an Opportunity or a Lead in SAP Sales Cloud v2, and once the appointment is completed & recorded (with Transcription enabled), the Business AI capabilities discussed here provide a whole plethora of intelligent insights all out-of-the-box.

Now, with business interaction intelligence, users can easily view a whole list of AI and ML powered insights on the "Summary" tab in the Appointment

A user can easily navigate to the "Summary" tab in an Appointment and access multiple intelligent insights, all generated in real-time. Business Interaction Intelligence provides insights such as the sentiment of the interaction, an overview (summary) of what was majorly discussed in the duration of the interaction, the list of all the attendees who actually participated in the call and those who did not. This could be particularly helpful for sales representatives to make relevant decisions based on all attendees who participated in this interaction.

Next, it also suggests if there were any major keywords discussed. With Business AI embedded deep in SAP Sales Cloud v2, sales teams can now also view the major "products" and "competitors" discussed.

But that's not all, intelligence is infused deep into these interaction insights, allowing Machine Learning to pick up deeply contextual intents from the interaction transcripts to suggest a list of "Recommended Actions" that can be extremely helpful for sales teams to create and perform follow-up actions post these calls. For instance, the customer (or the buyer) may have requested for a follow-up call to be set up with the sales team, or the customer may have requested for a product proposal to be sent across to them.
I believe, that these deep business-relevant insights can reduce the manual efforts of note taking for those long sales calls with the buyers, and help dramatically improve the productivity of your sales teams to focus on what you do best, selling and building relationships with the customers.

It can still sometimes be mind-boggling to imagine what all technology and AI can do today, but I feel that this is just the beginning to a long and sunny road ahead.

This instance of SAP Sales Cloud v2 shows how Business Interaction Intelligence can be infused into voice calls between sales teams and buyers to help them sell better. But from a broader view, these calls (or MS Teams appointments) are just one form of interaction. Imagine how convenient it would be if all other forms of interactions (such as chats, texts, emails, etc.) can leverage such power of machine learning! I can't wait to see the endless possibilities that can be derived from this!

Personally speaking, if all my work calls and interactions looked so beautiful, I'm sure I'd love to have more of these, every day!

Business Interaction Intelligence is a beta functionality released as part of SAP Sales Cloud v2 as of Q4, 2023. For more information, please refer to the official documentation here