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Update on 2017-02-04

For more detail about CRM content management, please go to my wiki page CRM Content Management.

Hi Friends,

recently I am working on one project which will make use of CRM content management. We will extract data from external web site and store them into CRM  system.

I will put something which I think is worth sharing to a series of blogs here. I hope they can help.

1. how to put the attachment view in a pop up window

2. how to dynamically control the enablement of attachment maintenance

3. how to create attachment for your business object via code

4. how to delete attachment belonging to a business object via code

5. how is attachment physically stored in database table

6. how to make your custom developed business object type also support content management - see note 1710485.

7. technical detail for attachment attributes

8. display thumbnail in CRM UI with the help of attachment

9. internal mode for Attachment creation

10. change CREATED_BY property by code

11. How to get all attachments belonging to a give business object

12. How to get the full url of a given attachment via code

13. How to implement the advanced button in attachment assignment block

14. Create Webservice enabled word document in attachment assignment block

15. Create Webservice enabled Adobe PDF attachment in CRM Application

16. the more to be added soon..