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There’s no doubt that 2020 has been a special and demanding year for all of us. For good or bad. However, here are some of the positive things I’d like to highlight:

  • We learned to work 100% from home

  • WFH has become THE abbreviation we all learned in 2020

  • No commute times at all

  • We spent less time with our colleagues and friends but more time with our family and pets

  • We got more creative than ever before!

  • All of a sudden, we got more time to read books, practice mindfulness and just stay at home

  • For most of us, the lack of time wasn’t an excuse anymore, to do or not to do certain things

The list could go on and on but for now let’s focus on what our CX enablement team has learned and produced this year for you:

During our home office time, we’ve produced a total of 417 microlearning videos, 10 new instructor-led-trainings that due to the pandemic were transformed into virtual classrooms, 19 Live Sessions, 7 eLearning courses, and 7 new certifications.

And much more to come next year.

Great content, huh? But what happened behind the scenes?

First, at the beginning of the year, we reconsidered and improvised our way to produce videos. We transferred our recording studio setup to a home recording pilot, and it worked out! We’re proud of what our team achieved by working exclusively from home and with almost no equipment.

Here are some of our home-made videos:



openSAP Microlearning

Make your SAP Certification official

We are moving!

Besides the huge quantity of videos we produced, we migrated our Customer Experience Enablement Portal, for short, to openSAP Microlearning. The migration was completed on October 15. You might ask why? And what are the benefits of moving over 400 hours of content…well the answer is easy: openSAP Microlearning is your one-stop-shop for microlearning videos related to SAP S/4HANA, SAP Ariba, and now SAP Customer Experience. And more SAP solutions to join!

Let me share some highlights of the year:

SAP Upscale Commerce: In this channel, you'll get to know SAP Upscale Commerce - a configurable, cloud native, multi-tenant SaaS solution with an industry focus at CPG, D2C, and Specialty Retail.

Spartacus: Project "Spartacus" is an open-source JavaScript storefront designed especially for SAP Commerce Cloud. This channel contains microlearning videos addressed to business end users and experts. Check it out!

SAP Commerce Integration Overview: In this video we show you the different integration capabilities of SAP Commerce Cloud.

SAP Customer Data Cloud: How to Implement Native Screen Sets: In this microlearning video, our experts demonstrate in five minutes how to implement native screen-sets.

SAP Marketing Cloud: How to Upload Data with Data File Load App: In this video you'll learn how to use the new Data File Load App to upload data such as contact information and marketing permissions to SAP Marketing Cloud.

If you want to share your feedback on our videos, training courses, or certifications, just add a comment to this blog post or send us an email.

We're looking forward to continuing creating content for you in 2021!