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1) Increased Visibility into Performance

A new Quick-Look feature allows users to look at last interaction’s performance statistics. This may be very useful for troubleshooting performance issues.

  • Quick-Look feature allows user to look at "last interaction’s" performance statistics

  • Statistics drilldown and troubleshooting guides available at

  • Help users understand cause of performance issues

For more details on the feature please see video below.



2) Improved Performance in Mobile Offline


  • Improved Performance in the following areas

- Offline scenarios, especially those complex scenarios with more DB access

- Offline UI initial loading, e.g. Open OWL/TI/QC will be much faster

  • Snappier User experience

- Offline UI snappiness, as the main thread will not be busy with offline logic any more

  • Reduce Out-of-Memory exception

- Offline runtime memory moved from WebView to Native process, which reduces the out of                  memory risk in WebView process

Performance comparison with 1711 is shown below:

3) Performance Improvements in Sales Quotes

  • Quote Item Party Fine Tuning Enablement

Enables customers to strip down the item parties and save 10-20% runtime (improvement                  depends on the number of items in the document)

  • Choice of Asynchronous External Pricing in Quote/Order

Enables customers to execute the external pricing in quote/order asynchronously. The pricing             result comes into C4C via the replication call

For more information please see the following blog

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