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About Me-I am working on SAP CRM tech for last 4+ years and I did one implementation TPM project recently as a Middleware Consultant where I integrated all the required objects like Customers, Materials, Vendors and other TPM related objects.

Vendor Integration from ECC to CRM

This document basically deals with the setting up of “Vendors” in SAP CRM system in integration with the SAP ECC system.

Objective: - The objective of this document is to give a frame work of configuration setting related to vendor download from ECC to CRM.

In order to have vendor Integration between ECC and CRM, configuration to be done in both the system ie. ECC and CRM


Configuration in CRM

  • Maintain function modules for data exchange

  • Go to T-code SM31

  • Enter the table CRMC_BUT_CALL_FU for the Business Partner Outbound of Business Partner objects and maintain

  • Check the call function VEND_MWX_CREATE_MAIN_BDOC must be active


  • Maintain Adapter Object

  • Go to R3AC1

  • Check for both the adaptor object Vendor_Main and Vend_main is active.

  • Maintain Subscription in Admin Console

  • Go to transaction SMOEAC

  • Create subscription for all Vendors publication

  • Select Site as R3 and Save.

Configuration to be done in ECC.

  • Maintain function modules for data exchange

  • Go to transaction SM31,

  • in the table COM_BUPA_CALL_FU for R/3 object inbound processing (time R3OBI) of vendor records (object VEND), the function PI_BP_PROXY_BAPI_VENDOR must be active.



  • Maintain Subscription table to Upload and Download Object

  • Go to Transaction SM31

  • Enter the table name as CRMSUBTAB

  • Check if the entry exists for the function COM_VEND_MAIN_INBOUND shall be active for object VEND_MAIN of class BUPA for upload

  • Check if the entry exists for the function PI_BP_VENDOR_MAIN_EXTRACT shall be active for object VENDOR_MAIN of class VEND for download.

  • Assignment of BP role Category to Vendor Account Group

Mapping between the CRM role category for vendors and the corresponding ECC account group is must.

  • Go to Transaction PIDV

  • Maintain the required CRM role category and the corresponding ECC account group.



Vendor Master Replication in CRM

Process as follows

  • Go to T-code R3AC1

  • Click on Vendor_Main


  • Click on Tab Filter Settings.

  • Enter details as shown below in the screen shot and mention the vendor no as Low.Prefix with zero to make it 10 digit

  • You can enter filter according the requirement.

  • Click on Save. If any warning comes up just click enter.

Execute Initial Load

  • Open t-code R3AS

  • Enter the load object as VENDOR_MAIN

  • Click on Execute

Object will start running, click on Yes icon

Monitor the Initial Load

  • Open T- code R3AM1

  • Enter the load object as VENDOR_MAIN

  • Click on Execute

BDoc status should be done and in green. Its successfully downloaded to CRM ,

Check the vendor in CRM.

  • Open T-code BP and enter the vendor id.

  • Vendor should be available into CRM.

  • Role should be Vendor.

After replication check for the table CRMM_BUT_VENDNO in CRM and table CRMLIFNR in ECC, data should match to each other


Imp Notes

Check that vendor role is configured in CRM and ECC

In CRM: Cross-Application Components → SAP Business Partner → Business Partner → Basic Settings → Field Groupings →configure Field Attributes per BP Role: for role BBP000 (Vendor)

In ECC: Logistics – General → Business Partner → Vendors → Control → Define Account Groups and Field Selection (Vendor)


 Error Handling

If Bdoc while monitoring comes in red , check that Bdoc in SMW01 , That will give you the exact error with the long text . You can correct the error and re-process that particular Bdoc.

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