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This document gives an overview about the step by step process of debugging order data validation error in SAP CRM. This can be used as a reference during scenarios such as determining of standard coding is passing through correctly, detecting error message numbers in CRM and error causing application, analyzing the filling.

Validation error in SAP CRM inbound queue for a transaction.

Error in SAP CRM WebUI without details like message no.

Some time in transaction replication some transaction stuck in inbound queue (ECC > CRM) because of some validation error and shows below error in queue.


While saving any transaction like Service Order get any error message which is not allowing you to save the transaction. These error message can be standard or custom

To identify these errors particular place and cause follow the following step by debugging.

Step 1.

Open t-code SE24 and class CL_EX_ORDER_SAVE.



Keep an external break point on line no. 145.

Step 2.


Now create the transaction using the same data you was getting error or in case of queue stuck go to SMQ2 and click on queue and start debugging queue.

Press F8.

It will take you to that breakpoint on line 145 in IF_EX_ORDER_SAVE~CHECK_BEFORE_SAVE.

In Debugger scroll u and right click on line 87 CALL METHOD ('CL_FOBU_METHOD_EVALUATION')=>load

And use go to statement option.

In <flt_cache_line>-eo_object implementation BADI will be there in that exception has occurred.

Take that class name and go to SE24 open its check_before_save method.

And find out wherever raise expectation do_not_save it written.

Keep a breakpoint there and press F8. If any message is mentioned then check with message class and number with it.

By the above steps you can analyze cause of validation exception.