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On BlogCloud Data Source: Data Integration using SOAP webservice - Part 1 of 2,

Was described how to create a cloud data source, and it was download the wsdl to local machine.

The objective of this blog is describe the steps after download the wsdl to local machine, to upload data to SAP Cloud using SOAPUI / Web Service, and give some knowledge to consolidate data from external system.


after downloaded the WSDL from SAP C4C, it´s necessary create an project on SOAPUI using WSDL created on SAP C4C.

On SOAPUI, it´s necessary create a project.

Type a Project Name and Browse the WSDL File on local machine

Select the WSDL File

Set the check box Create Requests

After that, the project is create automatically as demonstrated bellow. However all tags are empty.

And now it's necessary fulfill all obligatory tags.

To upload data to Cloud, some tags are obligatory.

<MDAVName> is the name of your Cloud Data Source

<AnalyticsImportMethod> can be



    Modifies existing data records (with the same key) and inserts data records with the new key.


    Deletes the existing data records and inserts new data records.


    Deletes the existing data records.

<Data> is the tag responsible to add all consolidated data from external system.


Now, it´s necessary type the user and password created before on Tim Chang Blog.

This user was define on SAP C4C.

Executing the request on SOAP UI, and as demonstrated the data upload executed successfully !

On SAP Cloud for customer, select the Cloud Data Source created before and click on Preview Button.

The Data upload on Cloud Data Source are listed.

I hope you enjoy


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