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System used: SAP Trade Management 3.0 standard integration with BI-IP and ECC

The purpose of the document is to provide the steps (or) instructions which helps for understanding the movement of the existing product from one PPH Node to another PPH Node.

In Customer Business Planning – Plan Setup Screen when a product was added incorrectly in a PPH node, by using the below steps we can move the product from incorrect PPH Node to correct PPH node.


  1. Mouse - To hover against the PPH Wheel and to Drag and Drop the Product into the required Product Tab.

  2. While performing this activity there should be no lock on the Plan (No other user should use the same plan during this activity).

  3. We need to know Product Hierarchy details for navigating through the PPH Wheel.

The below are the Steps to move the Product from One PPH Node to Another:

  1. Login to CRM WebUI.

  2. Click on Customer Business Planning Work Center from the left-hand navigation of the page (Path: Customer Business Planning --> Plan)

  1. Select the Relevant plan / customer from the Plan dropdown

  2. Click on Plan Setup tab

  1. In the Planning Product Hierarchy click on the relevant nodes where the product needs to be removed i.e. go to Product Node

Ex: Level 1 - A --> Level 2 - A --> Level 3 - B --> Level 4 - A --> Level 5 - A --> Level 6 – B (Incorrect Node)

Ex Product: XXXX Age Defying Multivitamin

  1. Click on ‘X’ (In Product Level)



  1. That product will be disappeared from the list

      8. Now click on the relevant nodes where the product needs to be added

Ex: Level 1 - A --> Level 2 - A --> Level 3 - B --> Level 4 - A --> Level 5 - A --> Level 6 – A

(Level 6 – A is the correct node where the product needs to be moved to)

  1. Go to PPH Wheel i.e. On the right bottom of the screen, you’ll see semi-circular shape.

  1. For navigating through the PPH wheel to the product, we need the product hierarchy details.

  2. Hover your mouse pointer on it. It’ll expand to show the ECC Product Categories assigned to the Responsibility Area for this Customer / Plan.

  3. Click on the relevant product category to which product is assigned in SAP ECC. Due to space constraint, all the product categories assigned to the RA (Responsibility Area) may not be visible. In order to select the relevant product category that is not visible at the onset, please click on the blank space between the 2 category nodes and then scroll using mouse scroller until the relevant category is visible.

  4. Selection of first category will display the sub-categories assigned to it.

  5. You need to keep on navigating through and selecting all the relevant subcategories until you reach the product level

  1. Once you reach the product level, select the product that you need to add to the PPH and drag it to the Level (Product Level) of the PPH and drop it.

  2. The required Product is added to the PPH. Click on Save

We can see the below success message

  1. Come out of the plan (Ex: Go to Home Screen to avoid locking issue), log off from the system.

Note: A Queue will be generated (check in SMQ2), it needs to be processed to transfer data/changes to BW.

  1. Log in to TPM system, we should be able to see the updated changes.

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