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Dear SAP Users,

The following information is already well known to many of the users. However, I felt this is not aggregated at one place. So, I took this opportunity to document this simple process as a blog with an example.

In recent times, I had a requirement to fetch the Service Organization based on the Country Key in CRM. Hope this document solves the purpose for the users who are actually looking for the same requirement. Using this process, we can as well fetch many other details maintained in the Organizational model.

Begin of document:

The attributes for the Organization Unit are maintained through the transaction PPOMA. Based on the Attributes Maintenance Scenario that is selected at this level, the attributes differ. In the current discussion, we will concentrate on the SERVICE scenario. 

Transaction: PPOMA

For Ex, here the Service Organization is 0351, and the Country maintained is GB.

In the Attributes tab, select the ‘Attributes Maintenance Scenario’ as Service. Here, the Country key is specified as GB. 

Now, if we have the country key at some point of the code and want to fetch the Service Organization associated with it, we can use the below method:



Provide the following data as the input to the method

Scenario:          SERVICE

Search Values:

                            Attrib: COUNTRY

                            Value: GB

The same can be coded as,

CALL METHOD cl_crm_orgman_interface=>find_attributes
scenario           = ‘SERVICE’
search_values = i_search_values (Attrib = ‘COUNTRY’ and Value = Country Key)
hitlist                 = i_hitlist (Result list containing the Service Organization).

Just for the additional information,

To convert the HR Org Unit to R/3 Sales Org.



To convert the R/3 Sales Org to the HR Org Unit.



The class CL_CRM_ORGMAN_INTERFACE can be used to fetch other information as well, related to the service organization.

Thanks & Regards,

Narayana Raju.

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