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Ever since the pandemic shook the world, businesses have had to shift to digitalizing all their operations. Be it remote working employees or handling business operations, switching to the digital mode has catapulted the formation of online contact centers which are gearing up to holistically support organizational aspects. And one of the most vital aspects is to offer a seamless customer experience.


During challenging times like these, it is of utmost importance to deliver a flawless customer experience and make interactions as smooth as possible. While some businesses want to see what someone likes on Instagram to aim for a better customer experience of their brand, others aim to gather insights across all accessible communication channels for maximum reach. In any case, the primary aim is to offer customers a user-friendly interface that strengthens your customer engagement levels such that companies can retain customer loyalty and expand the base. And what better than integrating SAP Contact Center 365 for intelligent and versatile features to achieve exactly this.


What does SAP Contact Center 365 do?


SAP Contact Center 365 is a cloud-based application that offers versatile contact center solutions to enhance customer service across every possible channel of communication. In other words, with the help of this software resource, businesses can report and analyze customer interaction across their marketing channels. SAP Contact Center 365 can be embedded in business applications to bring all your digital marketing channels in one place for delivering a consistent, frictionless, and satisfying customer experience.


This cloud application works by connecting your customers to the right agents who can resolve their queries in live-time. It does so by utilizing smart routing techniques, like agent optimization to determine which agent will be the best to provide a seamless and customized experience to a particular customer while clearing all their pending queries. The agents will have all the resources they need, including real-time customer behavior in the business applications to facilitate high customer engagement.


SAP Contact Center 365 for omnichannel customer support


Your business might have reliable customer support at present, but it can get complex once you start adding more digital marketing channels. Along with this, the need for maintaining different customer service databases for various service channels will arise, and things might get out of your hands. But, SAP Contact Center 365 is developed to cater to the varying customer needs across all the channels for every business process. The contact center collaborates with SAP and 3rd party business apps to provide a seamless and lightning-fast customer experience across every communication channel. To make the most of the first-contact resolution, the tool optimizes customer contact to maximize agent utilization. With the help of this, you will always be able to guarantee a hassle-free experience to your customers even if they are not interacting with you directly.


What are the benefits?


There are sheer advantages you can enjoy if when you adopt SAP Contact Center 365.


You will be able to successfully integrate it into all business applications and let it function in real-time. As a result of this, the agents will have all the solutions ready to resolve customer issues at a faster rate. Over time, you can even assess the performance of your contact center in building long-lasting relationships with customers around the globe.


  • Maintain agility of organization - With the ever-changing expectations and demands of customers, the need to keep your business agile is more than ever. The SAP Contact Center 365 will optimize the infrastructure of your contact center so to let you contribute all your efforts in your core business. Both your customer service agents and remote employees will have free access to the tools they need for increasing the scalability of your business operations. The cloud-based service will also enable you to add new customer service operations effortlessly. If you choose SAP Contact Center 365 you don’t have to make any high investments for improving your business infrastructure. Since you don’t have to carry any responsibilities in the maintenance of the infrastructure you don’t have to make any high-risk decisions regarding it. Regardless of the size of your business, it is budget-friendly to invest in SAP Contact Center 365 as you will have to only pay for the services you are using.


  • Seamless service round-the-clock - If you are looking for an advanced tool with the help of which you can deliver frictionless service to your customers consistently, then you need to learn more about SAP Contact Center 365. This cloud-based and enterprise-ready service will ensure that you can provide a satisfactory experience to your customers round the clock. With a cloud-based communications facility, you can decrease the number of dropped calls, the handling time, and the waiting period of the calls you receive. To make this possible, the contact center will direct the customer calls to the right customer agents almost in the blink of an eye. Thus your customers would be able to experience the first-contact resolution and they will stay loyal to your business. The contact center collaborates with SAP and a few 3rd party tools to ensure that your customer agents receive a single view of all your customers. In other words, your agents will have a real-time profile of your customer with details like their past buying history, buying behavior, probable upsell and cross-sell opportunities, etc. At a single glance on the customer profile, when your agents will have complete information about the preferences and behavior of the customers; and based on it, they can devise strategies to build strong customer relationships.


Additional benefits include -

  • Offering a seamless and satisfactory experience to customers via the first-contact resolution.

  • Reduction in software infrastructure integration costs.

  • Enhances the scalability and agility of enterprises by offering the needful support to service agents and remote employees.


Final words


SAP Contact Center 365 can effectively work across all the marketing channels, including social media, messaging apps, SMS, e-mail, etc. It acts as a skill-based routing engine to acquire analytics of real-time customer interaction to improve the responsiveness of your customer support team.