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Note to SAP Community members: SAP recognizes the importance of the integrity of the SAP Community. In an effort to continue to support the community and at the same time adapt to this time of uncertainty, we are creating a temporary space for partners who have free solutions that can help you continue to move forward. Our intention is to give you direct access to their solutions as they may provide you with practical help to tackle COVID-19 disruptions.



It is too soon to measure the real impact of COVID-19 on the global economy or the lives of individuals, but what is certain is that the world-wide lockdown is going to have effects that last well beyond any periods of isolation or restriction. We are going to feel the impact for years to come.

The print, broadcast and social media are awash with offers that seem to be capitalising on the COVID-19 catastrophe.

To ensure that we at ten80 are making a meaningful contribution to businesses and individuals, we have joined the SAP Partner Edge programme to be able develop a COVID-19 Relief Fund to the value £470 million pounds. Relief is in the form of free ten80 licenses for one year.

What this means to SAP customers:

  • Via the SAP Community #c19freeaccess, SAP customers will be able to reduce the cost of resources within 24 hours – without compromising on the quality of their SAP projects

  • SAP projects can continue – while improving the overall ROI on their SAP investments

  • New projects can start on a digital basis – contributing to digital transformation agendas

  • Companies will have the vehicle to assist furloughed SAP-skilled people get work – no matter how big or how small the contract. 

Who are ten80?:

ten80 enables SAP customers to deliver outcomes via connecting the best possible SAP resources for any programme/ project or support, from anywhere in the world, really quickly, for any period, at market-driven prices. We also provide the means for SAP contractors to find appropriate work anywhere in the virtual world.

We are an SAP build partner. We offer a truly digital solution, making us an outlier in the digital transformation journey. We have 47,000 verified SAP resources (and a base of more than 150,000 SAP contractors) on our platform.

We provide an Uber type experience for service delivery.

Contact us by messaging  or Visit our website

The ten80 offer:

Q. Who is eligible for this offer?
A. All existing SAP customers (companies planning to use SAP are welcome too!)

Q. What areas of SAP are covered?
A. Resources for the smallest, the largest and the most specialised SAP products are available on the ten80 platform. Special areas of interest to our clients are our integrations capabilities with Fieldglass and Ariba

Q. How can you take advantage of this offer?
A. The offer will be available to SAP clients via the SAP App Store within the next few weeks. Alternatively, contact the team on for more information or immediate sign up

Q. When does this offer expire?
A. Only when our COVID-19 Relief Fund of £470m is exhausted.
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