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Goal of this blog is to document and understand basic configuration involved in

  • Pricing Procedure Determination.
  • Maintain Condition Types, Access Sequences and Condition records(with connection to Product in this example).

Scenario : Create a Sales Order with Base Price and Discount.

1. Go to Access Sequence (CRM SPRO->CRM->Basic Functions->Pricing->Create Access Sequences)

Create an Access Sequence '9000'

Use Condition table SAP004 which contains Sales organization, Distribution channel, Product as shown below.

2. Create a Condition Type(CRM SPRO->CRM->Basic Functions->Pricing->Define Settings for Pricing->Create Condition Type)

9000 - Discount  (Copy of 0KA0)

3.  Create a Pricing Procedure(CRM SPRO->CRM->Basic Functions->Pricing->Define Settings for Pricing->Create Pricing Procedure)

Pricing Procedure (9CRM01)

Maintain the Condition Type 9000(Special Discount) created in step 2.

4. Create a Customer Pricing procedure. (CRM SPRO->CRM->Basic Functions->Pricing->Pricing in Business Transaction->Define Customer Pricing Procedure

Maintain "1" as Business Partner Pricing Procedure

5. Assign Customer Pricing Procedure(=1) to Business Partner

SAP GUI Screen for reference for the same business partner

6. Enhance Condition Group PRODUCTCRM for CRM Product Master, to create a condition record for new Condition Type(9000) in connection with the Product. (CRM SPRO->Master Data->Conditions and Condition Technique->Condition Technique:Basics->Create Maintenance Group


Maintain the Condition table SAP004 to allow maintenance of Condition records for the Product.

7. Maintain Condition Records on the Product

Product Price

Discount of 1% for Condition Type 9000 and Condition table SAP004 (Maintained in Step 6)

8. Activate the pricing trace in SU01.

9. Final checks before creating sales order.

A. Check Reference Currency maintained for Sales Org

B. Check Currency Maintained for Business Partner

C. Assign Document Pricing Procedure

D.  Create Pricing Procedure Determination (CRM SPRO->CRM->Basic Functions->Pricing->Define Settings for Pricing->Create Pricing Procedure

Pricing Procedure(9CRM01) will be determined based on the Combination of Sales Organization(0 50000109)/Document Pricing Procedure(Step 9.C) /Customer Pricing Procedure(5).

10. Now Create a Sales Order

Price = 10 USD; 9000 Special Offer -0.10 discount; Total = 9.90 USD

Pricing Procedure(9CRM01) Determined

SAP Gui Screen shot for Order

Note : This blog is intended for CRM Developers to quickly set up pricing procedure determination procedure in SAP CRM system and play in the system. Basic understanding of Condition type/Access Sequences/Condition Table required to follow these steps.