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Hi All,

this Blog is going to be very simple but it may help you while working on Adoptations on screens in C4C.

Weather if you agree or not I think, Adoptation was way better in HtML5 than in UI5 but there are simple hacks you can do to have similar features.

the only thing which you have to use is Keep the cursor whichever field you want to edit/adopt, Press on Ctrl + right click together.

Let me show you.

As you can see when you this many fields ( Which is not so user friendly, i know) We hve to scroll down till eternity to find this field.

But rather than that, Just put a cusror on Inquiry dat + ctrl + Right Click and you will directly jump in that field.

Than you can easily click on <- Button and find all relavent properties. One other thing which is Adopting Pop ups like OVS screens or LMS screens.



But dont be disheartned 😄 , just select a field than ctrl + right click.



So when in Adopation mode , use your friend ctrl + right click. Just one small note : If you use debug mode true in URL , That will open the debugWindow and not navigate in adoptation.


I hope this simple hack will help you to do KUT chnages faster and efficiently.



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