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‘’More thank 77% of world’s transactions touch one or more SAP system/solution.’’

Customers of today are more empowered than ever. They want things fast, they want the best and they want to do business with the best. There is no question about how the dynamics of doing business today has dramatically changed. Gone are the days when the sales teams used to take ages to close deals, Marketing used to send irrelevant content massively, Customers struggling after sales to get a good Service and Customers relying on brick & mortar for selling their products and conducting their business! Everything is digital today and so are the Customers – who want to do business with organizations which are digitally ahead and are intelligent enterprises

With this global change, Organizations need Systems and Solutions which not only makes the job of their Sales, Service and Marketing teams a breeze but also provides impeccable experience to their Customers which leads to lasting relationship with them! It’s no more about just selling a product or service to your Customer, everything, every interaction with a Customer and every touch point today is about how easy and seamless the Customer journey is and what Customer experience can Organizations offer.

SAP, a global leader in Enterprise software has the latest cutting-edge solution suite for establishing that level of Customer Experience!

What is SAP C/4 HANA?

SAP with some of its own SAAS solutions (Sales & Service Cloud, originally called SAP Cloud for Customer or SAP C4C) along with acquisition of companies like Hybris (Market leader in Commerce & Marketing), Core systems (Field Service Management), Callidus Cloud (CPQ and Commission management), and Gigya (Data Cloud) combined all these products into one suite and branded it as SAP C/4 HANA suite which is the frontline suite of SAP Cx strategy.

SAP C/4 HANA consists of five Cloud solutions, which can run independent of each other as well together as a suite.


SAP Sales Cloud

SAP Sales Cloud solution is a salesforce automation SAAS system which helps sales team close deals faster than ever, by reducing the admin work and arming the sales team with enriched Customer 360 degree information Having the right data and relevant insights makes the sales people smarter and helps them close deals faster. With its ML based Lead scoring and Opportunity propensity, sales reps can now focus more time in closing deals than doing admin tasks of measuring Lead and Opportunity propensity

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SAP Service Cloud

SAP Service Cloud enables Customer service agent to provide impeccable service to their Customers by providing them an easy to use solution which gives them complete view of the Customer historical interaction and transactions – this helps agents to be proactive and ensures their Customers get the right service and they become raving fans of your products and services. SAP Service Cloud also offers Field service Management capabilities through it’s FSM solution.

With its latest ML based algorithms built in, SAP Service cloud helps agents automate several tasks which provides agents more time to make their Customers’ experience great.

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SAP Marketing Cloud

SAP Marketing Cloud provides Marketers with relevant in the moment insights about their Customers, pulls in Customer information from different sources to create one golden Customer record. It helps Marketers to send relevant personalised content to their Customers, helps, in segmentation & targeting and with its ML algorithms, helps to identify the best audiences and experience for customers.

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SAP Commerce Cloud

SAP Commerce Cloud solution supports end-to-end e-commerce processes, from Product catalogues through to cart checkout, promotions and order management. Delivers a seamless experience to Customers online, aligns your organization with the digital first approach and connects seamlessly to back-end and front-end systems like SAP S/4 HANA (ERP system) and SAP Marketing cloud to achieve end to end connectivity of data and processes.

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SAP Customer Data Cloud

SAP Data Cloud solution ensures Customers consent are managed appropriately, Customer data and privacy are handled the way the Customers want. Turning anonymous visitors into known Customers, providing Customers a choice to manage their personal data and how it is being used, gain better insights into your Customer, all this while respecting data governance laws like GDPR, with absolute transparency and build Customer trust.

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The advantages among several are that each of these 5 cloud solution can be purchased individually and can very well operate independently – this provides all the good things with these latest cutting edge solution to Customers who want to transform one or more of these individual business functions in their Organizations without having to buy the whole suite of the 5 cloud solutions.

For Customers who want to do a 360 degree digital transformation across their Commerce, Marketing, Sales and Service functions, the suite with all 5 cloud solutions makes a perfect choice.


With its flexibility, scalability and extensibility, any and all of these 5 Clouds can seamless integrate with each other and with backend SAP ERP or SAP S/4 HANA, SAP CRM, SAP BI/BW and several other 3rd party systems.  This helps break all the process and data silos which are the major challenges in Organizations, and provides a seamless, consistent, connected data and process landscape which ultimately results in an equally seamless & consistent customer experience. This tremendously increases the overall efficiency of people, processes and data and ultimately gives organizations an edge by helping them provide their Customers a truly digital and seamless Customer Experience.

With the game changing technologies like AI & ML, SAP embeds these into their solutions and helps Organizations become a game changer in their businesses by providing new avenues of deriving intelligent insights and serving the digitally ahead customers of today!

All these combined with the Experience management capabilities from Qualtrics (X+O data) can help organizations to measure, analyse, action and transform how Organizations make their Customers, their customer forever!

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