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Hello Everyone,

This content concentrates on Creation of a Satisfaction Survey in Multiples languages. It also provides detailed step by step of creation of Survey in English and followed by Spanish by changing the login language as "Español".

There are some examples given:


Create a Satisfaction Survey in English:

  1. Login to the system using English language.

  2. Click on Surveys- Surveys.

  3. The defaulted view is selected as All, and click on the + button, to create a satisfaction survey.

  4. Then the creation screen for the survey opens, Enter the details such as Name of the survey, choose the category as Satisfaction and select the valid from and valid to.

  5. Click on the arrow near to save button, then select the option Save and Open, so the survey detailed screen will open.

  6. In the detailed screen of the Survey, check the Details tab and also check for the details you have entered.

  7. Then click on Design tab and click on Add button to add the questions for the survey.

  8. Select the Question type, Question category, Question and answer categories.

  9. Choose the answer options and click on Ok and New to create a New Question.

  10. Create the second question by filling up the relevant fields and click on Ok, so the question number 2 gets created.

  11. Click on Save button, to save the changes.

  12. Click on Simulation button, to check the survey question.

Survey Simulation- Question Number 1- English

Survey Simulation- Question Number-1

Survey Simulation- Question Number 2- English

Survey Simulation- Question Number 2

Create a Satisfaction Survey in Spanish:

  1. Login to the system using Spanish language "Español".

  2. Click on Encuestas - Encuestas.

  3. The defaulted view is selected as Todas, and open the relevant Survey ID in a detailed screen using the Open button.

  4. Then the survey will open in a Detailed screen, click on the Detalles tab and select the pencil icon to edit the details for the field Nombre.

  5. Enter the spanish question in the field Nombre.

  6. Select the Diseño tab and select the Question number 1 hyperlink to the question creation screen.

  7. Fill the details such as Tipo de pregunta, Categoría de cuestionario, Pregunta.

  8. In the section Opciones de respuesta, fill the fields Opciones de respuesta in spanish, then select the option Aceptar y abrir nuevo.

  9. Fill the details for Question number 2 and click on Aceptar button to save the Question number 2.

  10. Click on Grabar to save the changes in survey.

  11. Click on Simulación to view the survey question.

Survey Simulation- Question Number 1- Spanish

Simulation Question Number 1

Survey Simulation- Question Number 2- Spanish

Simulation Question Number 2


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Reference KBA:

Note: The above provided are examples. The example languages are given only for English and Spanish. The steps to be followed are same and the languages might differ. The Spanish language used in blog is translated from Google.


I hope this blog gives the view of how to create Surveys in different languages in the system.


Please feel free to share your comments or feedback in the



Mathan C