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We are all aware of the importance of constant monitoring of all areas of the company's operations, key performance indicators (KPI) and quick response to dynamically changing market trends. Data collected in IT systems, including the area of sales and after-sales service, become even more important when we use them to create reports and summaries that will allow not only to verify past actions, but also to quickly make current decisions and conclude on future trends.

Sending reports and dashboards via e-mail to a user or a group of users is one of the many helpful functionalities available as part of the SAP Customer Experience solution in the area of Sales and Service Cloud.

Now I will present you an example how to quickly set the distribution of the report Open Incidents (by priority) for the Service Manager.


The procedure of sending reports and dashboards starts with entering the Broadcasts View in Business Analytics Work Center.


After creating new Broadcast (with the New button) we have to specify the Object Type – in our case it will be Report, give the name and then we have to select from the list the Object – Open Incidents.


Next we can fill in the Subject and Message fields which will be included in the e-mail.


Choose your Recipients, format of the report (in our case it will be MS Excel file), view – By Priority, specify if you want to send the file in ZIP format and, last but not the least, specify the Scheduling format – in our case I am choosing without scheduling, as a single broadcast action.


Then just click on Save and Close and you will see the created new Broadcast.


Now we have a lot of options here available. We can edit it, remove it, start broadcasting by clicking on Start Now button, pause or resume.

Green indicator means that e-mail has been sent successfully to the recipient(-s).


Service Manager receives an e-mail message with report attached, which he can open with MS Excel.


As you can see, this functionality allows you to constantly analyze the results and performance of your company in the area of Sales and Service Cloud without the need to log into the system by simply clicking on the attached report or dashboard in the received e-mail.



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