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We live in an experience economy and the Experience Management is the new frontier for the world’s successful businesses. The winners and losers of the future will be determined by the experiences that organizations provide to their stakeholders. It is imperative for businesses to look beyond the traditional business models and look for experience management solutions to differentiate from their competitors in providing far superior experience across customer, employee, product and brand.

What is XM?

Experience Management (XM) is the process of monitoring every interaction people experience with a company in order to support opportunities for improvement.

Qualtrics is the experience management (XM) platform that makes organizations to

  • Collect experience data from stakeholders at every meaningful touchpoint

  • Analyse and understand why things are happening and what to do about it

  • Automate actions that drive improvement across customer, employee, product and brand experiences

Qualtrics portfolio of Experience Management solutions supports four core experiences of business – Customer, Employee, Product and Brand.

SAP Qualtrics Experience Management solutions enable organizations to manage the experiences with their customers, employees, products, and brand. These solutions combine experience data (X-data from Qualtrics) and Operational data (O-data from SAP) by collecting experience data at every touch point, analyses and understand experience gaps and determine automated actions. The X-data combined with O-data will provide deep insights by using advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning thus enable organizations to help close experience gaps and drive improvement in customer, employee, product and brand experiences. This is used across retailers, Healthcare, Financial Services, Travel & Hospitality, Government, Media, Airlines and Automotive companies.

SAP Qualtrics Offerings:

SAP has recently introduced 10 new SAP Qualtrics offerings in customer experience (4), employee experience (3) and market research areas (3).

Customer Experience Management Solutions:

  • SAP Qualtrics CX for Commerce

  • SAP Qualtrics CX for Sales

  • SAP Qualtrics CX for Customer Service

  • SAP Qualtrics CX for Marketing – GA from 1905. Already available

Employee Experience Management Solutions:

  • SAP Qualtrics Employee Engagement

  • SAP Qualtrics Employee Lifecycle

  • SAP Qualtrics Employee Benefits Optimizer

Click here for SAP's announcement details

SAP Qualtrics CX for Marketing Solution Use case:

Below is the one of the CX use case from SAP Qualtrics CX for Marketing which is already available with SAP Marketing Cloud 1905 release.SAP Qualtrics can be applied across SAP application stack.  As a consultant, we need to look out for the experience management use cases that are relevant for our existing clients so that these new solutions help our clients to compete on experiences, deliver breakthrough results and create competitive advantages over their competitors.

Hope this blog provided high-level details of SAP Qualtrics Solutions.

Stay tuned for more blogs......