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SAP Investigative Case Management is a SAP Public Security Industry solution that supports investigative work conducted by authorities and organizations tasked with security-related issues. The solutions allows investigators to:

  • Register, secure, maintain and protect accurate and confidential data.
  • Handle relationships to identify connections and patterns. Relationships also can be  classified regarding reliability.
  • Quickly review and understand the case and related information.

Scenarios in Investigative Case Management

  1. Identity Management and Resolution
    • Help to identify and register unknown persons and organisations and help to validate the identities of known victims, suspects, witnesses, informants and organisations.
  2. Investigation Processing
    • Assist with the processing of an investigation from the beginning to end and manage all relevant documents.
    • Guide the users with the steps requires to close a case.
  3. Intelligence Analysis for Public Sector
    • Assist with the investigation of large and complex crimes using (templates for)
    • Provide users with the ability to analyse large amounts of data  and find hidden connections and patterns, draw conclusions, and share results.

The solution is supported by the following functionalities:

SAP Investigative Case Management is based on the following products:

  • SAP CRM 7.0
  • SAP ERP 6.0 with SAP for Defense Forces & Public Security (DFPS) (Optional)
  • SAP Collaboration Project (cProjects) 4.0 (Optional).
  • SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe (Optional)
  • OpenText Extended ECM for SAP Solutions (Optional)
  • SAP and BusinessObjects Reporting and Visualization (Optional)
  • BusinessObjects Intelligent Search  (Optional)
  • BusinessObjects Text Analysis (Optional)
  • SAP inxight for Public Security
  • Palantir  (Optional)

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