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The weekend started off wonderfully with a meaningful morning session at SAP Inside Track (SIT) Bangalore, where over 1,400 participants, including SAP customers and partners, came together. SIT is more than just an event; it's a community-driven initiative that brings us together as collaborative partners in the pursuit of knowledge, innovation, and the advancement of our collective wisdom. With discussions centering around key topics like business AI, ERP modernization, and sustainability driving digital transformation, it's crucial that we actively learn from each other's experiences to stay ahead.

I want to express my heartfelt appreciation to the SAP community for their enthusiastic response to SIT, and I'm incredibly grateful to @maheshkumar.palavalli for cultivating such a vibrant SAP community in India!


 The event commenced as scheduled with an enthralling keynote address by Sindhu Gangadharan. Her presentation was truly captivating, and the audience was deeply engaged throughout. Some of the key highlights from her keynote included:

Check out our agenda here:

  1. Business Technology Platform (BTP): A discussion on how BTP is transforming businesses by providing a comprehensive platform for innovation and digital transformation.

  2. Generation AI (Gen AI): Insights into the impact of AI on the next generation and how businesses can leverage this trend for growth.

  3. Sustainability with Green Ledger: A focus on the importance of sustainability in business operations and how technologies like Green Ledger are aiding in this effort.

  4. SAP Business AI: An overview of how SAP is leveraging AI to enhance business processes and decision-making.

  5. SAP + Microsoft Collaboration on AI: Collaboration between SAP and Microsoft in the field of AI, highlighting the benefits and innovations stemming from this partnership.

  6. SAP + Google for Open Data AI: How SAP and Google are collaborating to harness the power of open data for AI-driven insights and innovations.

  7. Modernizing ERP: A discussion on the modernization of ERP systems and how businesses can benefit from adopting these advancements.

After the keynote, my session was the first session in track 2, focusing on procode and lowcode. The session covered Side-by-Side Extensibility with SAP Build Apps, encompassing E2E Service, including Customer Service, Field Service, and Backoffice.

Track 2.png


Side-by-Side Extensibility with SAP Build Apps E2E Service covering Customer Service, Field Service & Backoffice

Utilizing SAP Build Apps, we have designed an application with a guided steps approach to seamlessly integrate with both S/4HANA Cloud and FSM.

Recognizing the importance of time in addressing customer concerns, especially for Service Agents engaged in high-touch interactions, we structured the app as a guided flow. Agents can easily select equipment, add relevant spare parts/services, and create Service Orders in S/4HANA Cloud. Furthermore, upon Service Order creation, the app offers the functionality to directly schedule an appointment in FSM.

The Appointment Scheduling feature is facilitated by leveraging FSM's standard slot finding API, providing real-time visibility into technician availability. Additionally, we have enhanced the Agent's user experience by incorporating a Map view for simplified technician selection. This app is seamlessly embedded as a mashup within the Agent Desktop and Case UI.

Demonstrating the potential for integrating the SAP S/4HANA Service Order and FSM (Field Service Management) appointment offerings through Appgyver within SAP Intelligent Service Cloud V2 can be articulated as follows:

GAP has been identified: A functional disparity exists in SAP Intelligent Service Cloud V2, S4/HANA, and FSM, wherein agents face limitations in scheduling appointments on behalf of customers. This results in a standard product gap between V2, S4/HANA Cloud, and FSM. To bridge this gap, Appgyver is utilized to create custom applications, enabling agents to effortlessly initiate service orders and FSM appointments for customers through their interface.

Closed the loop: By leveraging the capabilities of Appgyver, seamless integration between SAP S4 Service Order and FSM appointment features is achievable within the SAP Intelligent Service Cloud V2 ecosystem. Appgyver, a low-code application development platform, serves as a powerful bridge, facilitating the connection between these essential service management components.

In the integration process, Appgyver acts as the orchestrator, synchronizing data and actions between SAP S4 Service Order and FSM appointment functionalities. This ensures a unified and streamlined experience for service personnel, enabling them to seamlessly transition from service order creation in SAP S/4HANA to scheduling and managing appointments through FSM, all within the SAP Intelligent Service Cloud V2 environment.

  1. Equipment Retrieval: Retrieves equipment information from the S4Hana system.
  2. Service & Parts Management: Allows the addition of various service components such as services, non-stocked spare parts, and stocked spare parts. For stocked items, a purchase requisition will be generated in SAP S/4HANA.
  3. Service Order Creation: Generates a comprehensive service order incorporating the selected service and parts. This service order is then released to the Field Service Management (FSM) system.
  4. Appointment Scheduling: Empowers agents to schedule appointments efficiently using the Map view functionality, ensuring optimal matches for appointments based on location and other relevant criteria.


 In conclusion, the integration of S4 Service Order and FSM appointment offerings via Appgyver within SAP Intelligent Service Cloud V2 demonstrates a strategic approach to enhancing service management capabilities, offering a unified and efficient solution for businesses aiming to optimize their field service operations.


SAP Inside Track Bengaluru was more than just an event; it was a confluence of shared knowledge and networking, fostering collaborative learning by bringing together the SAP Community. I had a great time being part of the organizing and content team, which enabled me to learn a lot and, of course, network. Looking forward to the upcoming SAP Inside Tracks in India!

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