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CRM (customer relationship management) is a real buzzword of today’s business world and everybody is talking about CRM. Definitely that is the reason every companies is working to make their customers life easy. Different organization worked for creating value by developing different CRM product at different platforms for different organizations and their end customers. There are different products like SAP CRM, Oracle CRM, MS Dynamics CRM and others which added value by Improving information exchange between different departments and customers. Example interaction center etc to react quickly to customers' requirements.

Now is the age when customer want to know different status also about their interaction at different phases of sales / service and want to talk about different experiences he/she had at different interaction points. Hence product organizations innovate further and take the CRM package to different level and hence product on Cloud came in existence. It has given power not only to organization’s marketing, sales and service team but also to end customers to get in touch and talk about organization.

For customers, almost everyone knows that they can significantly benefit from it, yet only few know which solution fits their business model best. They can find and read the adventurous journey of different other customers and make their own mind to go and make their journey more wonderful. This is real word of mouth on internet.

IDC Forecasts Public IT Cloud Services Spending Will Reach $127 billion in 2018 as the Market Enters a Critical Innovation Stage.

In this series to fulfil customer’s CRM expectation with fulfilling and capturing client base, SAP came out with SAP Hybris Customer Engagement and Commerce (SAP Hybris CEC), which gives that freedom to customer and now this is no longer your customer’s journey. Each customer is having its own adventure and they all can share that adventure with each other and it makes it many journey and infinite possibilities.

SAP Hybris CEC which is an omni-channel(can be used on web, mobile, PDA etc.) customer relationship management tool, is not only perform old school sales, service and marketing business processes but also gather different comments and patterns of customers and find different target leads from different web channels using predictive analysis using HANA database. So with Comprehensive capability of sales, service, marketing Commerce, social, SAP Hybris CEC is able to increase Customer mobile experience

What make SAP HYBRIS CEC unique is

  1. 1. Installation – installation is done by SAP and Cloud solution is handed over to customer with required no. of user access
  2. 2. Configuration – Configuration is pretty easy and will not take much time.
  3. 3. Agile development – customer is in regular touch with solution and appraise solution regularly
  4. 4. 24x7 access (mobile app, PDA, ) to sales force and easy to use.
  5. 5. Reasonably priced product – priced as per no. of customer need access and here we need to remember that we are not having infrastructure cost.
  6. 6. Data security – Data security is with SAP and having redundancy planned by them. This makes the total solution reliable.
  7. 7. Flexible and modular - Enhanced compatibility is huge. Development language is ABSL.

SAP Hybris CEC Comes with different sub areas

          1)    SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer

        • Sales
        • Service
        • Marketing(Lean)
        • Social

          2)    SAP Hybris Marketing(Wide / Full funtionality)

          3)    SAP Hybris Commerce

          4)    SAP Hybris Billing

  Bouquet of solution provided is full and is evolving further with different client requirement.

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