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SAP Customer Data Cloud- A Buzz in the world .

Hi All, I am starting a series of  Blog on SAP Customer Data cloud formerly known as Gigya, this series will have details of  SAP Customer data cloud including real world Project experience.

Starting the blog with brief overview of SAP Customer Data Cloud ( SAP CDC).

Why there is a need of SAP Customer data cloud and how it's playing a vital role in the world ?

Here's the few important points - SAP Customer data cloud allows us to do ( Benefits)

  • Build-up customer trust

  • Unify data into a single profile

  • Collect and track consent history

  • Understand better your clients’ behaviors

  • Collect customer data from various sources

  • Instantly analyze massive data volumes across various devices and different channels

  • Turn anonymous visitors into loyal customers

  • Enhance awareness of your brand

  • Increase conversion rates

  • Integrate with products inside SAP Customer Experience Suite

  • ETC

Based on above examples we can say that SAP Customer Data Cloud consist of three pillars:

  1. SAP Customer Identity: Identify, engage, and protect your customers

  2. SAP Customer Consent: Be transparent, gain loyal customers, and protect your business

  3. SAP Customer Profile: Power trusted digital experiences with first-party data

( Will explain all the Technical words used in above picture in my upcoming blogs)

1.SAP Customer Identity -"Highest level of customer' data protection"

With SAP Customer Identity helps us in protecting our customers’ data by making sure, that the information sent by users via the network is always secured. Now we don’t have to create new accounts. We can just simply do this by using secure registration forms or by single sign-on/ logout.

We can also engage our customers across different communication channels – no matter of devices they are using.

Customer Identity helps us gather critical information about the users, store that information securely and leverage it for an enhanced customer experience. Use Customer Identity as the pivot point for launching personalized marketing campaigns, providing customer service, and building a trust-based relationship with the users.

2.SAP Customer Consent-"Contact the one that want to stay in touch"

SAP Customer Consent is  helps in  managing user privacy, preferences and consent in a way that is transparent to the user,This solution, adjusted to the new European regulations like GDPR, allows  business to follow the current law without any worries.

This way we are fully transparent to our customers, and we are giving them control over their personal data so they can view, freeze or even delete their information. SAP Customer Consent helps us to build trust and loyalty among your clients.

3.Customer Profile- "Holistic view of Customer"

SAP Customer Profile is the layer of user profile data that is gathered when we use Customer Identity or Customer Consent. It is a centralized location to manage our site and  site users, within the SAP Customer Data Cloud administration Console.

With this tool, we can unify all the data into the single customer profile and collect them to gain complex 360° views

Example- How it really works

In Real world so many times it happens that we log in as anonymous visitors and browse product view details on website ,download few product information or add product to shopping cart but never  disclose our identity .With SAP Customer data cloud we have the possibility to identify those customers more easily, try to get to know them to turn them into loyal customers.

We can ask visitors to  subscribe to our newsletter when reading a specific news article or browsing a specific product category on our website. This way we identify  -at first anonymous- visitors and save their profiles in Customer Data Cloud.

The profile in Customer Data Cloud is saved as a Lite Registered account together with his communication preferences (permissions) and given consent (subscriptions). This will change to a Full Registered account when the customer eventually registers himself and creates an account on the website; for example after placing an order.

If we want to send this data to another system we need to create Identity sync.   (Identity sync details will be covered in another blog)

Conclusion - The customer data management solution of SAP can help transform  business into a true customer-first enterprise, enhancing and personalizing our customers’ journeys while respecting their preferences and privacy.

Note- This part only covers overview of SAP CDC, please wait for another series of blog by me and my colleagues for detailed explanation .

Many Thanks, please share your comment, feedback, suggestion.





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