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Active Contributor
So we needed a fairly simple kitchen monitor for one of our customers who operates a fast-food-like kitchen on the beach.

It takes all open orders from one or multiple CCO stations and displays them on a separate monitor for the kitchen staff, ordered by time (oldest first). Once the order is closed (delivered), it will disappear from the kitchen monitor automatically. Refresh interval is currently set to 10 seconds, but could be adjusted.

The connection is done using ODBC to the CCOM database and the technology used is .NET Core 3.0 with WPF (so no server required, it actually runs on a second monitor connected to the same CCO client workstation).

This solution may not fit everyone's needs, but it met this particular customer's needs, so here's a simple demo of it. Let's see if FP09 or FP10 bring any new possibilities in this respect!

I hope you like it!