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Depending on customer wishes it can be really helpful to customize hardware colors, especially in brand orientated retail stores. And on top for brand recognition, the sales screen and customer displays should be editable as well. Even for the SAP Customer Checkout backend server.

SAP Customer Checkout - Customized Images at Sales Screen

For each UI mode, it is possible to insert images at sales screen. This could look as follows:

In order to activate the customized images at the POS sales screen, please switch to settings -> tab POS system. Under the section "Logo", you can define a) login screen backgroud b) sales screen background and c) table screen background:

SAP Customer Checkout manager - Customized Image at Login Screen

Even the SAP Customer Checkout manager is possible to individualize the login screen to increase brand recognition within your staff.

In order to activate the customized image at CCOm login screen, please log onto your SAP Customer Checkout manager -> Configuration -> Images. In this menu, you can define your customized login screen picture:
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