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Cashless payment is the future
Cashless payment becomes more and more important in the future. And even the Germans start to pay cashless with their bank or credit card.
Especially in the high volume market, i.e. many people want to pay as quickly as possible as in a football stadium, the cashless payment is definately the future.

Quick selling process
We developed a plugin for the SAP Customer Checkout solution, so food and beverage can bought and payed within seconds:

Therefore in the stadium the waiting queue is minimized and for the cashier, there is another payment option to choose:
(remark: auto selection of GiroGo as a primary payment method is possible as well)

Automatic matching with the bank account:

Payments in both directions possible
Due to the quick plugin, the payment can be done within seconds.
Even the pledges can be refunded with this plugin, i. e. for mugs or glasses.

Quotation of the customer
Michael Becker, head of marketing and project manager at SV Sandhausen e.V.:
"Now we are able to focus more on the customer needs and the satisfaction of the customer. Payment is a positive side issue - quickly handled."

Extension of SAP Customer Checkout
Overall, there are a lot of possibilities to extend the usage of the CCO and to expand the use cases of the customers in order to improve the processes. There are many extension points and with some B1i-knowledge, every partner ist able to customize the SAP Customer Checkout product.