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Along the big new features, there are a bunch of small features in the new featurepack. Since those are not worth a blog post of their own, I've decided to bundle them up in this blog post. It will guide you through the necessary steps, that are needed to benefit from these great new features.

Dark Mode

From now on the Customer Checkout Manager will be viewable in a darkmode.

To activate it you have to change your windows settings. Inside your Windows settings go in the personalization > Colors Tab and select  “Dark” for the “choose your mode” setting.

Expiring session

If you are inactive your Customer Checkout Manager session will still expire, but from now on you will no longer be logged out completely. Now you only need to retype your password to be able to resume where you left off.

SSH Certificate

In addition to the basic authentication, you will now have the option to set up SSH authentication to connect to your Customer Checkout Manager.


Updates to the Migration settings

There have been some updates to the migration settings. The different migrations are no longer separated into sections. Instead, you will have a central overview of your complete migration history and select the formerly defined section in new type dropdown menus.

Central article picture management

If you are working with quick selection button to add articles to your receipt, you can from now on manage the pictures centrally in the article settings.

After you added your desired picture to your article, it will automatically be linked when you create a quick selection button and choose to select the picture display option. There no longer is a need to go into the display settings afterwards.

Easy one-time quick article synchronization

Inside the Customer Checkout synchronization settings are new one-time synchronization buttons. Greatly improving your user experience while testing with new articles.


As you can see, along a lot of bigger features feature pack 14 also bring a lot of great smaller features, that can improve your das to day expiriance.
To get a broader overview of all features of customer checkout you can relate to
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