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Author: Prasun Roy Chowdhury

What is a Mail Form and what is it used for ?

We use personalized mail to send tailored marketing information to target groups or to lists of marketing prospects.
SAP has provided a tool to create personalized mail called Mail Forms.

You can use a mail form to send the following:

  • Internet mail
  • Fax
  • Short message service (SMS)
  • create lists of business partners (from specified target groups) and their attribute values at the time that the list is created.

Steps to create a Mail Form are as follows :

  1. Login to SAP CRM Web UI with MARKETINGPRO

2. choose ‘Marketing - > Mail Forms

3. . Click on to create a new Mail Form

4. Fill the General Data section

Enter Mail Form ID, Description, Language, Usage.

The attribute context for ERMS mail forms should always be ’Email Response Management’, otherwise the ERMS related attributes will not be
available for the mail form.

5. Enter the text that you want to display on the Email

6. Use button (insert picture) to select a graphic you like to include in the form. Be sure to have
your cursor positioned where you like to insert the graphic.

Choose the file from your computer

Click the  button. The Image is now been added to your mailform.

7. To add a hyperlink to your email, we need to follow the below steps.

A hyperlink can be added in two ways. You could simply type the URL in the text or you could use the    button
and enter the required data in the hyperlink screen.

The link will be added to the mail form when you click Insert. Be sure to have your cursor positioned where you like to insert the hyperlink.

Once the Mail Form is completed press to save the Mail Form 

8. To preview your email click button. You will now get the following screen

9. Adding attributes to your email

Click the  button to insert attributes. Then you can dynamically enter the attributes from your SAP CRM database.

The attributes will be now visible in the e-mail text.

10. Enter the Sender and the Receiver email id

11. Add the Business partner number, the attributes data will be picked up from the master data of this business partner

Click the button now to see the final preview of the email that will be send. As you can see the Salutation and Name have picked up from the Master data of Business Partner automatically.

12. Send the email. In Tcode SOST, you can check the email that’s been send.

Click the button to send the email to the customer  i.e.

13. Finally the email arrives in the Customer's mail Inbox. Bingo!!!!

I hope this article will help all aspirants who want to learn SAP CRM Mail Forms.

More scenarios on Mail Forms in my next document. Keep following !!!

Warm Regards,

Prasun Roy Chowdhury

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