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Greetings everybody,

This is my first blog post ever, I hope I can help everybody who had my same issue.

In the last few days I had to change the BP short description for a bp which is configured as an organization. Since changing the name1 in bp transaction doesn't work,

I had to search all over the internet in order to solve this issue, but I couldn't find any solution.
The only thing I found was to change it via tcode "ppoma_crm", but it didn't work for me since I couldn't find the bp I was looking for.
My last resort was to write a report which could work fine for this issue and it actually worked!

Let's just suppose we need to change our bp (organization) short description from "Customer Service SILK" to "Customer Service" like the name1 shown in the attached screenshot.

Here's my source code:

PARAMETERSpartner TYPE bu_partner, *business partner
new_name TYPE string LOWER CASE. *New name / short description
DATAit_return TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF bapiret2, * Table for checking if the FM worked fine

*Table with fields to change for the organization
org_tab TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF bapibus1006_central_organ WITH HEADER LINE,

* Xfield table
org_tabx TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF bapibus1006_central_organ_x WITH HEADER LINE,

r_ret TYPE bapiret2.

* The new name for the organization will be the same I will type in INPUT (In this case "Customer
*  Service)

org_tab-name1 new_name.
org_tabx-name1 'X'.

* I'm calling the FM BUPA_CENTRAL_CHANGE which is capable of changing the short description
* for our organization

IV_PARTNER                       partner
IS_DATA_ORGAN                    org_tab
IS_DATA_ORGAN_X                  org_tabx
ET_RETURN                        it_return
READ TABLE it_return INTO r_ret WITH KEY type 'E'.


wait 'X'.




After running it, the result will be:

I hope I've been clear and useful for all who might need help regarding this issue.

Many thanks and best regards.