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The Syndication Layer

Is part of the CARAB architecture and already under implementation. Main focus is to merge data from different sources of (POSDTA, CAR, DDF) for AP.

Could play a role in data-harmonization and separation of the consuming apps from platform details.

Should be used by all new consuming apps on top of CAR, i.e. AP and AMR


The Syndication Layer (SL) consists of Views for consuming applications gives read access to Reuse objects of CAR.

Designed as a VDM:

a layer of Reuse Views for consuming apps on top of the ECC, DDF. It reorganizes the internal views of CARAB

Technology: SL can be realized with different technologies:

HANA calculation views (static HANA content, currently)

ABAP dao classes (not used)

Core Data Services (CDS) views: (dynamic HANA content, in future)



Thanks and Regards,

Ramesh Duraisamy