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Most of us are familiar with adoption of SAP Fiori in S/4 HANA projects to improve Digital Age User experience and to provide End-to-End Analytics and Real-time steering. From Retail Industry point of view, SAP's focus on increasing Fiori footprint is very much evident from the architecture of Model Company Core Retail (w/CAR Add-On). In the enhanced Fiori Launch Pad offerings as part of Core Retail Model Company , SAP has built-in Inbound POS Monitoring, CAR Monitoring and CAR Administration work areas on Fiori to aid different user groups including Retail Sales Auditors and POSDTA Support analysts.


SAP also offers various Retail KPIs ( with Visualization) using SAC including Omni-channel Sales Analytics and Intra-day Forecasts for more efficient Inventory planning.

However there are not enough standard Fiori offerings in CAR in areas like POS Transaction Analysis and Store Health dashboards which can help Sales Auditors / District Managers gauge the health of a Retail channel on a real Time basis. E.g. there is no single simplified view which showcases overall processing status of transactions across Stores and corresponding Postings in SAP S4 HANA / back end IS Retail systems. Similarly there is not an easy and intuitive way to get insights into Sales History for a particular customer using the standard POS Workbench in CAR.

With the aid of embedded analytics in S4 HANA and using available SAP Fiori Tools for Analytics (e.g. Custom Analytics Queries , KPI Design Modeler Apps to name a few) it is easier to build custom Fiori KPI Apps to address some of the below mentioned common requirements across many Retailers.

  • Tracking of Paid In / Paid Out Transactions and audit of High Value Paid Out Transactions for Loss Prevention.

  • Analysis of Sales Transactions including high value transactions

  • Loyalty Customer buying behavior tracking for targeted offers

  • End Of Day/ Snapshot of Store Balancing across Omni-channel Retail Chain

  • Flash Sales Reporting across Sales District and Regions

Mentioned below are details of 2 such Fiori KPIs worthwhile to discuss with business stakeholders during any CAR POSDTA implementation-

  • Detailed Sales Transaction Analysis - features can include store sales by customer/ cashier/means of payment/ transaction amounts and category spend analysis.

  • Store Health Dashboard- KPI showcasing overall health of the Retail Chain- Total No. of Stores/ Stores DNP/ Overall Transaction Status, Integration status with back end Retail system for end to end real time G/L monitoring and reconciliation.

With the advancements in Fiori architecture and Fiori Launch Pad Special features, as consultants, we need to Stretch our Design Thinking to identify potential business use cases and sound logic to leverage SAP Fiori in our S4 HANA Retail implementations.

Feel free to reach out in case of any queries .
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