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There was still confusion around HOW TO EXTRACT SAP CAR - POSDTA to BW around the classic POSDM.


SAP extractor(also called BW data source, or BW extractor) are released to ODP by SAP Note 2232584 - Release of SAP extractors for operational data provisioning (ODP).

For some data sources, there's some specific information to know, if you're using them via ODP.


For data sources below, please use Delta Initialization without data transfer for the first loading(subscription):

If subsriber is test tool(ABAP report rodps_repl_test), please choose replication mode as "extraction of last delta", and select Output as "No Output(No Fetch)" (some version it's displayed as I_SILENT); (Only available as of ODP API 2.0)

If subsriber is BW, in the DTP setting, please check on "Delta Init Without Data". If using "Delta Init With Data", you'll see the following error: "Update mode When Others is not supported by the extraction API".


0RT_PA_TRAN_CONTROL POS Analytics: Sales Transactions and Test Transactions

0RT_PA_TRAN_GDS_MOV POS Analytics: Goods Movements

0RT_PA_TRAN_LOYALTY POS Analytics: Loyalty Program

0RT_PA_TRAN_MOV_FIN POS Analytics: Financial Transactions

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2018-08-17 2407906

0RT_PA_TRAN_TOTALS POS Analytics: Totals Records

[Role and Role Relationship]



2. For datasources below, "archive" option is not available.



3. Please consider ODP test (RODPS_REPL_TEST) as another target system. It means the limitation explained in note below needs to be taken into consideration.


Thanks and Regards,

Ramesh D
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