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The “On-Shelf Availability” dispatcher is used to integrate out-of-shelf detection with the ABAP layer.


For every article, it’s possible to calculate a time-related sales pattern out of the POS data.

This sales pattern is enriched with additional demand influencing factors like promotion information, sales prices, discounts.

This leads to the maximum waiting time at the POS for the next sales transaction and if this time passed by without a sales transaction, and out of-shelf situation could be the reason.



Real-time in-store alerting with OSA is useful only if

  • inventory in-store is managed inefficiently

  • rate of actual out-of-shelves in the monitored assortment is at least 10%

  • a high percentage of fast selling products in the assortment

  • the average level of OSA alerts has been exceeded

  • the product listing can be considered by OSA via a BAdI implementation

Recommended OSA use cases:

  • Detection of availability problems in performing an analysis of historical sales.

  • Detection of incorrect availability stock: the Real stock is 0 but available stock in the system is above 0.


The transaction /osa/dispatch executes the report for On-Shelf Availability Parallel Processing of Alerts. Alternatively the report “/OSA/DISPATCHER” can be executed in transaction SA38.


The report has to be performed separately for each step of SAP On-Shelf Availability algorithm:


  • Step 1: Intra-Week Pattern


  • Step 2: Estimation Model


  • Step 3: Monitoring


  • Step 4: Analysis


To avoid out of stock situations, we can use the SAP CAR on Shelf Availability monitoring and alert application (OSA) to provide real-time alerts for articles that are potentially falling into out of shelf situations in stores. These alerts will help stores to react to alerts by different actions on Fiori MIM screen as follows.

• OSA Alert Open: This alert reason code will be created once the alert is first created.
• OSA False Alert: This alert will be set by the user if the alert is a false alert
• OSA Immediately refilled: This alert will be set if the alert is true and needs immediately refill
• OSA Product is out of stock: This alert will be set if the product is out of stock

The actions are performed in the SAP Fiori “Perform Store Walk-Through” app. The standard SAP CAR OSA programme generates alerts restricted by single or multiple selections of Store and Subdepeatment (Merchandise category), following with a profile which controls the configuration. Start date, end date and detection time are calculated based on the variant settings for standard programme run.


This is the snippet of SAP CAR OSA, we can elaborate based upon the business requirements.



Thanks and Regards,

Ramesh Duraisamy
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