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As you may be aware SAP CAR can be integrated with the below SAP components

Inbound(into SAP CAR)

1.SAP PI - For inbound sales processing in PIPE(POSDTA for CAR) for sales received from POS

2.SAP SLT - This is for data replication of Master data, Inventory and Sales Documents from SAP ECC or SAP S4HANA into SAP CAR

3.Customer data can be integrated from SAP CRM into SAP CAR

4.SAP Hybris Marketing to SAP CAR (customer number, target offer information etc)

Outbound(out of SAP CAR)

1.SAP BW for the non aggregated sales data for analytics and reporting

2.SAP ECC for aggregated sales(WPUUMS), Sales as per Receipt(WPUBON), Payment information(WPUTAB), Financial transactions(WPUFIB) and also WPUWBW(Goods Movements) idocs

3.SAP F&R (Forecasting and Replenishment)

4.SAP WFM(Workforce Management)


S4 HANA integration with SAP CAR

In this document lets look in detail the customizing options and BAdIs that are available within S4HANA system to integrate with SAP CAR

First and foremost is to configure the basic settings for SAP CAR integration as shown below

SPRO->POS Interface ->Inbound ->SAP CAR Integration ->Define Basic settings for Integration with SAP CAR

Here you define the RFC destination of the SAP CAR system(DEV,QA or PROD)


BAdI : Activate Integration with In-Store MIM UI5 App

You can use this BAdI to activate integration with CAR, if you are using In-store MIM to get inventory visibility for the Retail store Apps.


Effects on Customizing

Activation of the below extended fields are required when it comes to external communication interfaces(in our case S4HANA integration with SAP CAR)

Extended Material Number

Article number length (MATNR) increase from 18CHAR to 40 CHAR is supported by SAP CAR3.0 onwards

Refer to SAP Note 2232396 for more details

NOTE : IDocs WPUUMS and WPUBON coming out of SAP CAR system will contain material number with 40 CHAR padded with leading zeroes to be able to integrate with S4HANA system.Also there are some Fashion specific fields introduced in the idoc structure to integrate with FMS(AFS combined with SAP Retail)

Extended Stock/Requirement Segment

Stock and requirement segment is increased from 16CHAR to 40CHAR

Refer to SAP Note 2419302 for more details

Effects on HANA content

To support the new SAP S/4 HANA deployment option, a new set of SAP HANA graphical views are delivered in the SAP HANA content package


Below are my other blogs relating to POSDTA/CAR for your reference.


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