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With the sunset of HTML5 layout from 1911 there isn't an option available to download and upload UI adaptation changes. UI adaptation changes and various other objects can now be moved across tenants using Transport Management.

Fiori way of doing things looks more convenient than HTML5. One major skip is the toggling of the windows for configuration. Also the look and feel is much rich in Fiori.

Movement of objects across tenants can be achieved in precisely seven steps. Following is the step by step guide with example snapshots which needs to be followed for the movement of objects across tenants in C4C:

First Step is to create Transport Route which enables movement of objects across the tenants. A  transport route can be created as showcased in the below snapshots.

Navigation - Under the Service Control Center work center drill down to System and click on the button Create Transport Route, Provide the Source and Target system ids in the pop up as shown in the snapshot below.


Second Step is  Navigate to Transport Management work center view under Administrator

Third Step is to Create a New Transport Request using the  NEW (+) button, provide a name to the transport with a note (if required). Click on Save and Open to enter further details.

Fourth Step is  to Select the objects which needs to be transported using the Select button in Available Transport Objects. The list of objects which can be currently added is listed below in the dropdown and can be selected one at a time. Adaptation changes is selected in the current example.


Fifth Step is to Move the object from Available Transport Objects to Selected Transport Objects using the checkbox for selection and Add Selection button

Sixth Step is to Save, Update Mandatory Dependencies and Assemble the objects from Actions

Seventh Step is to Release the transport from Actions in the Source System. Find the transport in the Target system and Activate from Actions

These steps cover the complete end to end cycle of Transport Movement in C4C.

In case transport management is not available for the user, need to edit the business role of the user and allocate the transport management work center with following id


As a continuation on Transport Management, I'll try to put in more details in follow up blogs on the individual objects which can be moved via TM in C4C