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What is the Use of Knowledgebase Article:

  • Use the standard C4C Data Source “Knowledge Base Articles” which displays all Knowledge Base articles that have been proposed or rereferred as solution for Service Tickets.

  • This data is captured when the service agent has shared an article via email or social channels during Ticket creation.

  • Custom reports can be created using the standard C4C Data Source “Knowledge Base Articles” which displays all Knowledge Base articles that have been proposed as solution for Service Tickets.

  • KB integration should take place, when there is an existing KB content repository and creation of Manual library structure can be avoided.

Pre Requisite:

To use the knowledgebase data mashup you mush have an external knowledgebase that supports the open search standard for an RSS/Atom based search APIs.

  • Knowledgebase supports RSS/ATOM search API.

  • URL for knowledgebase vendor KPI

Input parameter used to pass Search terms.

Knowledge base configurations:

Enable Scoping:

Enable the below knowledgebase support in scoping elements.

Create an RSS/Atom Service:

Create a RSS/Atom Mashup webservice under Administrator à Create Mashup Webservice.

Create a new RSS/Atom mashup web service:


  • Check for the knowledgebase URL from your partner service.

  • Verify the Parameters used to refer in Knowledge base as search criteria.

  • Avoid using the constant values in search parameters

  • Save and Activate the Service.

Link the RSS/Atom web service to the KB integration previously enable. When we link this together we create the mash-up:

Path: Administrator -> Mashup Authoring

Create a new data mashup:

Use the Port Binding as “Knowledge base Search”.

User can select the Import and outport field based on the Business Requirement. Service Categories can be used for the KB search parameters, this means based on Incident categories, KB articles can be linked and referred In service Ticket.

Here I have shown Import field as ‘searchExpression’.

Note: Users can use the Service categories and incident categories as Search expression. This will enable them to find the KB documents related to Incident categories.

Go to Define Mashup details:

User can use the below Inputs:

Input-Binding Port: Here user can refer the RSS/ATOM mashup web services created earlier and link the mashup

User Input: User can define search by “Text input” or “number input”.

From Service node: select “RSS/Atom Service”

Select the ATOM/CSS Webservice created in the earlier steps:

Click on Preview to verify the results:

Review, confirm and Activate the Data Mashup.

User can use the mashup  in Service Ticket.

This way the KB integration works. Point to Remember:

  • Enable knowledgebase in scoping.

  • Name the Mashup KNOELEDGE_BASE – all caps

  • Check partner documentations for search parameter ID