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Hi All,  I am starting a blog series for C4C and S/4 HANA Utility . Utility industry is huge and it contains many process so in the very first part  of this blog I am going to cover only Introduction of C4C utility and Architecture and this blog series I will be covering end to end process related to Integration and Functional scenario as well.

Introduction : 

Utilities Industry is committed to excellent customer service that needs a solution that facilitates seamless customer experience.SAP Cloud for Customer Utilities Contact Center for S/4HANA edition helps utility industry  to optimize call center operations using modern customer engagement tools for sales and service processes

The contact center capabilities are fully integrated with S/4HANA IS-Utilities (IS-U) and SAP S/4HANA backend and support seamlessly transition between the different support channels. Using this setup, all the utility services performed in this cloud solution are updated correspondingly in the S/4HANA system

C4C utilities delivers a means to interact with customers through multiple mediums. Referred to as omni-channel, it allows for traditional Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) as well as email, text (SMS), and social networks (e.g., Facebook and Twitter). Every interaction via one of these channels is recorded in a ticket.Agents, in turn, can get 360-degree views of their customers, assess account status, and provide pre-determined actions from scripted communication templates. C4C Utility supports Integration with maximum third party solution which may be the part of utility process landscape .

C4C Utilities provides support for the call center processes as well as the sales process, and such as is applicable for both regulated and deregulated utilities.  Regulated move in process as well as the deregulated sales process for enrollment are both integrated to ERP


Minimum Software requirement :  For Integration of C4C with S4/HANA  Utility make sure minimum software requirements are met.


SAP Cloud for Customer SAP Cloud for Customer S/4HANA Edition Software Components S/4HANA CPI Content Add-On

2002 ( Quarterly Upgrade) SAP Cloud for Customer IS-Utilities S4H OP 1909FPS1 Software Component IS-UT Release 804


Ensure that you have downloaded the latest service packs


Object Based Architecture Between S4 and C4


The utility specific objects that are supported in standard Integration

  • Contract Account

  • Connection Object

  • Premise

  • Point of Delivery (POD)


Standard Package content for C4C and S4H Utility Integration

This package enables integration between SAP Cloud for Customer for Utilities solution and the ISUtilities in SAP S/4HANA.

The integration scope includes replication of technical and functional master data. These apart, the solution also accesses transactional data online from IS-Utilities to execute utilities specific processes. Technical master data includes connection object, premise and point of delivery. Functional master data includes contract account.

  • For Business Partner replication artifacts refer to the Integration package 'SAP Cloud for Customer integration with S/4HANA'

Please see my Previous blog for BP  Replication -Standard C4C-S4H Integration and Business partner integration comparison with ECC- Part 1


  • ERP Utility Management Integration ( This contains multiple Scenario like Bill correction/Meter Reading/Account overview /Billing /service order/Move in /Move out/Installment/Pod/Premise etc which we will discuss in next topics separately )

  • Utilities Bill Correction Invoice

  • Utilities Technical Master Data Replication

  • Utilities Contract Account Replication

  • Creation of Sales Quote Follow Up Document in SAP Business Suite

  • Industry Service Request Replication to External System

  • Service Ticket Delegation to SAP Business Suite


Next topic- I am going to  Cover all the Flows and their Configuration using CPI and Work Center of C4C .

Hope you like it, please share your comment and Feedback.


Thank you

Chanchal Jha