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This document explains the customization to be made to the standard integration for Business Partner Replication from SAP On Premise system with SAP Cloud for Customer Internal ID same as the Business Partner ID on SAP ECC system.


1. Please note that the Number Ranges on C4C cannot be Alphanumeric. (Either Alphabetical or Numeric is allowed)

2. Similar configuration as mentioned below can also be used for Material Master Replication.

Kindly check the below documentation which elaborate the same.

SAP C4C Integration: Customization to achieve the Product Internal ID same as SAP ECC Product ID

Standard behavior:

In Standard Integration Scenario, Account ID is assigned using the internal number range in C4C and stores the Business Partner ID in the External ID field.

Required Behavior:

To achieve Business Partner Replication with Account Internal ID on C4C same as Business Partner ID for SAP ECC.


To achieve this, make the below changes in the message mapping of the middleware (SAP PI/SAP HCI) for this interface:

1. Maintain the External Number Ranges for Business Partners in SAP C4C such that it matches the Internal Number Ranges on SAP ECC.

2. In standard mappings, Field KUNNR from the SAP ECC IDOC is mapped to the Internal ID of SAP C4C.

3. Now add another mapping for this field. Add the mapping from KUNNR from SAP ECC IDOC structure to ReceiverInternalID of the SAP C4C.

4. Save the mapping and test the integration.


Performing above configurations will result for Business Partner Replication from SAP ECC to C4C with C4C Account ID same as the Business Partner ID from ECC.

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