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Enabling Geo-Tagging in C4C

Hi Everyone,

This blog post is your guide if you wish to enable Geo-Tagging services in your C4C Application. As you all know, SAP Sales Cloud i.e. C4C (Cloud For Customer) is the cloud solution for the Pre-Sales activities.

For one of the pre-sales activities i.e. Visit, if you wish to enable the Geo-Tagging feature then, this is your go-to-guide.


Now, what does this feature do?

If you enable Geo-Tagging/ add this into your project scope, then you extract the Latitude and Longitude of the location where your KAM's (i.e. Key Account Manager) where he/ she has checked-in. Moreover, the reports available in C4C for Visit will tell you if the KAM was in/ out of range while he was scheduled to meet with Customer.

But, the pre-requisite is, your Customer Master/ Account Master must have the Latitudes and Longitudes maintained.


Let us get started.

Business Configuration --> Implementation Project --> Edit Project Scope


In Scoping,

Built-In Services and Support --> Business Environment --> Addresses and Languages


In Questions,

Built-In Services and Support --> Business Environment --> Addresses and Languages

  • Question: Do you want to use the address validation service?

Set as Reviewed --> click on the checkbox to take this feature In Scope

After doing the above enablements in the scope of the project, Geo-Tagging is active.




Hope you had a good read.

If you wish to know more, or have any queries on the said processes, then please feel free to drop a comment.


Thanks & Regards,

Sookriti Mishra
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