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Functionality introduction - Sales acceleration is a functionality which uses technology and strategy to boost efficiency and accelerate the sales process. It not only helps to relocate customers through sales funnel quicker and more flawlessly but also completes the groundwork around the deal so the sales representatives can proceed with the sales cycle effectively. On the other hand, the Sales Acceleration helps you improve business efficiency of your sales teams by enhancing the quantity and speed of deals won, from anywhere, at any time, throughout any medium(be it a phone call, email, social media etc). This is important because now businesses are not only just enabling their sales representatives but also looking to speed up their performance and ultimately the company’s revenue.

Now, the Sales Acceleration is a standard set of features (available for both enterprise and professional editions) in SAP Cloud for Customer. The first business object that is GA in November 2020 is a ‘Call Lists’. Call lists concentrates on outbound sales interactions scenarios for inside sales representatives, sales development representatives, and their managers. The solution automates manual dialing tasks, streamlines communication, and allows you to easily capture customer discussion outcomes.

Now, let’s try to understand where it will be useful and would be valuable to any business. For this blogpost, we’ll consider a company ABXY who is specialised in pump manufacturing. ABXY is launching a new pump and they would like to execute an e-mail campaign for this product, targeting 10000 accounts and their primary contacts. Leads will get generated If the e-mail is opened by a recipient. Now, let's assume around 6000 recipients have opened this email and related leads got distributed to field sales colleagues. This might introduce a leads bottleneck on specific sales rep with uncertainty about customer interest.

Imagine what if the company ABXY has a telesales/sales acceleration process in their business model? What the telesales representatives or internal sales representatives would do? They will contact all these 6000 interested people to capture their interest and based on these interests the follow-up sales transactions will be created. Potentially it would be opportunities. Like in the below screenshot the call list is created by the manager and executed by internal sales reps. The interest is captured under ‘Last Call Result’ column. And follow-up documents should only get created for the accounts who has shown the interest in the new product.


So, one of the major benefits this process will provide is more qualified and hot opportunities to field sales representatives. And as this is the internal sales/business development team, all outbound calls can be handled by a single team from the same location. Like in the first case field sales colleagues will focus on all leads assigned to them, whereas in the second scenario with telesales/call list in the process, will provide the more qualified leads/deals to fields sales. So, they can focus to close maximum opportunities and ultimately will get more business to ABXY with increased efficiency.

To conclude the business case the call list maybe use as an additional qualification filter. Below are the steps to enable the sales acceleration/Call list in SAP C4C –

Prerequisites - Activity Management and Service Request Management should be in the scope of the project.

Step 1: Login to system with admin credentials. Then navigate to Business Configuration ->Implementation projects.

Step 2: Enable “Do you want to plan and execute call lists in your system?” under Question->Sales-> Account and Activity Management -> Activity Management.

Step 3: Enable ‘Do you want to support Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)?’ under Questions -> Service ->Customer Care -> Service Request Management.

Step 4: Finish the scoping and enable the Call list workcenter view for relevant business users.

Step 5: Additionally, you can also configure Email and Notification workflows to notify the sales team for call list assignments.

Step 6: The additional standard home page tiles can also be added for the business users.

Step 7: The related data source ‘’ is also released for reporting purpose.


I’ve also raised below product improvement ideas, which may be useful for its functionality upgrade. Please look and vote if you feel it will add value to the current offerings.

Additional follow-up actions in a Call List, to incorporate into the Campaign to Cash process.

Ability to add Individual customers to a Call list participants.

Call List Close Status on the detail screen (TI screen) is missing.

Enrich Call List reporting capabilities

Select Accounts,Contacts, Campaign etc. using search help (F4 help) in C4C Sales Accelaration.

Enable additional fields for Call List workflow

Allow to view the call list in phone call activity's document flow and update activity status.


P.S. The business scenario stated above is based on my understanding of the complete sales cloud solution capabilities. And how I’m visualizing this Sales Acceleration feature in a bigger picture, so it doesn’t hold SAP’s authorized documentation.


Happy reading 😊