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SAP Trade Management is a solution provided by SAP for Consumer Packed Goods (CPG) Industries. It is a robust solution that is well integrated with SAP BW, S/4 HANA systems. SAP Trade Management offers extensive functionality for planning and managing trade promotions, customer business planning, as well as trade management analytics.

In this blog, I am explaining the basic configuration to setup the Responsibility area. Responsibility area is the central object or you can say heart of a Customer Business Plan. Responsibility area is created for a Sales organization and Account hierarchy node or Plan-to. There is 1:1 relationship between Responsibility area and Account hierarchy node.

You can easily assign multiple product category to a Responsibility area on which KAM has to work on.

Responsible area contains below important planning attributes.

  • Query Profile:

Query profile contains multiple queries. These queries determines the Planning Layout and KPI’s in Customer Business Plan. You can configure the Query profile under:

IMG path ->Customer Relationship Management -> Trade Management -> General Setting -> System Settings -> BW Query Determination

  • Integrated Planning Profile Group:

Planning profile group contains master query for a Customer Business Plan. You can configure the Planning Profile group under:

IMP path -> Customer Relationship Management -> Trade Management -> Customer Business Planning -> CBP Planning -> Key Figure Planning -> Define Integrated Planning Profile Groups

  • Time Period Profile ID:

Here you maintain the periods that are shown on the Customer Business Planning time selector.You can configure the Planning Profile group under:

IMG path -> Customer Relationship Management -> Trade Management -> Customer Business Planning -> Basic settings -> Planning period -> Maintain Flexible Time Periods

  • Hide TU Views or Hide CU Views or Hide NU Views:

You can use these functionality to hide any views to be visible in CBP.

Fig. TPM Responsibility area

Creating a Responsibility area

You can create a Responsibility area manually or by using upload program functionality provided by SAP. Access the below functionality by using below navigation.

SAP Menu -> Customer Business Planning -> Upload Data -> Responsibility Area

/JBPC/DMC_DLOAD_RA - Download Template

/JBPC/DMC_LOAD_RA2 - Upload Excel and Load Data

Fig. RA Template

Fig. TPM Screen shot

Fig: TPM Screen shot

Once you create and activate the Responsibility area, BW system need to extract this RA. You can check this under InfoObject 0CRM_TR as shown in below screen shot.

Fig. BW Screen shot


After reading this blog, you should’ve have a good understanding of Responsibility area and how it works.

SAP Note

2691744 - Responsibility Area change history does not include Employee, Product Category assignments.

2880251 - Employee Name and ID values of the position vanishes from the user assignment in responsibility area.
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