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In Sap C4C, Agent/Business user has the option to create an incident from the same screen where they are facing the issue.

This blog mentions the step-by-step process to do the same.

  1. Login to SAP Cloud for Customer (Fiori UI) and navigate to the page where the issue is occurring.

Click on ‘Report an incident’.

  1. Fill up the details mentioned below in the screenshot.

Subject, Description of the issue being faced, Business impact, Application Area

There is additional option of attachment using ‘Attach File’ button. Also, ‘Annotate’ button helps to capture the snapshot of the screen where the issue is occurring and add it to the incident


Once, all the details has been filled, click on ‘Submit’ button. This will send the incident to Admin/Key user for assistance.

If ‘Direct Forward’ is clicked, the incident will be sent directly to SAP Support team

  1. Once the incident is created successfully, Click on Profile -> Track my incidents


  1. Click on the incident ID to go to the details view

Under Incident Information tab, the priority of the incident can be changed to either of the          following –

Very High, High, Medium, Low


Under general tab, add relevant details under ‘Notes’ section.


  1. After the incident is created from SAP Cloud for Customer, the key user/Administrator needs to take over the incident and process further, for eg – manually send the incident to SAP Support team for assistance.

Steps are as follows :-

  1. Go to ‘Administrator’ Work center and click on Incidents.

  2. Select the incident which needs to be addressed, Click on ‘Take Over’


This changes the status of the Incident from ‘New’ to ‘In process’. Also, the key user/ Admin is assigned as the ‘Processor’ of the Incident.


  1. In ‘Action’ field, select ‘Send To provider’.


  1. Add relevant details using Add -> Note for Provider. Click on ‘Save’. This will send the incident to SAP Support Team

If the Incident priority is High/ Very High, then, ‘Business impact’ also needs to be added.


Once the incident reaches SAP, an external reference ID is generated which can be used for tracking the incident and is particularly useful when talking to SAP Support. Also, the status of the incident will change to ‘In Process- Provider Action’.

This can be tracked from Administrator -> Incidents


It is always a good practice to report incident from the screen where the issue has actually occurred as it includes all the necessary information that is specific to the screen. The system collects context data, such as system information and relevant business data, and attaches it to the incident which enables the Administrator or the Support Engineer, whoever is handling the incident to have a better visibility and understanding of the problem in hand.

For more information on incident management, refer to SAP official help document :-


KBA : 2868309 - How to create or send the incident from C4C tenant


Please feel free to leave your comments below. Thanks for reading!


Indraneel Das