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In this blog, we are going to insert price data for a product.

All we need here are Connection from SAP to Hybris, a product in Hybris for which we are allocating price.

You might have already know how to create a connection from sap to hybris. If not, follow the link.


Go through the above link and create RFC connection in SAP and as well as HYBRIS.

Now let's start replicating PRICE.

Step 1:

Create a Model View for Prices Replication in BD64 T-CODE.

Step 2:

Add a message type "COND_A" to the model view.

Click on tick mark.

Step 3:

Open transaction WE20 and click on outbound parameter entry tab.

Step 4:

Give message type as COND_A, receiver port which you have created, and check transfer idoc immediately and give a basic type.

Step 5:

We will add price using T CODE VK13. Type pr00 in condition type and select key combination. Now a popup will appear, select Material with release status and click on Okay.

Step 6:

Select the material and click on save.

Step 7:

Go to VK13 and now select Condition information.

Step 8:

The following screen will appear, enter the data and click on execute.

Step 9:

Below data will be seen on the screen, tick any one of the check box shown and click on send condition

Now it will ask for the logical system and fill the same.

Step 10:

After clicking on the tick mark, you will be shown a message saying that idoc has been created.


Step 11:

That's it. Data is replicated. Now go check in HMC.

 Open  HMC. expand CATLOG->PRODUCTS->then the respective material number(2933)

Click on the material number and then go to PRICE tab.

Price data is successfully replicated